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PrestaShop UI Kit

UI Kit integration for PrestaShop – Based on Bootstrap 4.



Note: If you use PrestaShop, there's no need to install – the UI kit is already installed in PrestaShop.

You can install the UI kit on your project, independently from PrestaShop, using NPM.

npm install --save-dev prestakit

Or use it directly through our CDN:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

Get Started

Include the dependencies: jQuery and Bootstrap PrestaShop UI Kit + Javascript.

<link href="dist/css/bootstrap-prestashop-ui-kit.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="dist/js/prestashop-ui-kit.js"></script>

Github dev Dependencies


Contributing / Improving the UI Kit

Contributions are welcome!

You can check out an example of most of the included controls in this page. Check out a live example here.

Developing with PrestaShop

You can develop on your local copy of the UI kit and see how the changes work on PrestaShop. Assuming you already have a local copy of PrestaShop and of the UI kit installed on your computer (each on its own directory), here's what you need to do.

Open up admin-dev/themes/new-theme/package.json of your PrestaShop install, and look for "prestakit"

  // ...
  prestakit: "1.2.3";
  // ...

Change the version so it looks like this:

  prestakit: "/path/to/your/local/ui-kit";

Go back to to your UI kit folder and run

npm run watch

In another console, go to admin-dev/themes/new-theme/ of your PrestaShop install, and run:

npm install && npm run watch

If you keep both instances of NPM running, all your changes in the UI kit will be built automatically, as will your PrestaShop assets.

About PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a free and Open Source e-commerce web application written in PHP, committed to providing the best shopping cart experience for both merchants and customers. Learn more about PrestaShop


This UI Kit is released under the OSL-3.0 License.