Cracks the Captcha at VIT University's Academics Portal
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Captcha Cracker

Holds the source for the algorithm that used to crack the captcha at VIT University's Academic Portal. Now, they use ReCaptcha by Google. This is how it looked like, earlier.

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Maintained in a seperate repository

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Present on the DEV website.

Running the Python Script

  • Install the PIL Library(Pillow)
pip install pillow
  • Enter the Python Directory
cd Python
  • Run the command for the test image
python algorithm/
  • For a performance measure, run
  • For the preprocessing, run the following after deleting all folders execpt downloaded captchas
cd Python/preprocessing
  • Pick a character from the best ones as per the alphanumeric set and rename it after placing in library-chars.
  • Run the following to generate your bitmaps