A collection of patches for Opera 12.15
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FixFreeType.patch Fix builds on external libfreetype Aug 12, 2017
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LinuxReleaseFix.patch initial commit Jan 19, 2017
PiFixes.patch initial commit Jan 19, 2017
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VSInstructions.md Update VSInstructions Jan 21, 2017
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OpenOpera Patches

A collection of patches for the Opera 12.15 source code, feel free to make a pull request if you have anything to add or fix.

If you have any issues with Opera 12.15 please make a report on the openopera-issues project, or if you have problems with a patch please visit the issue tracker here.

You're also welcome to join the OpenOpera IRC: http://site.anonnet.org/webirc/openopera
Or join #openopera on crowley.anonnet.org:6697


General patches

  • FalseNullFix.patch: patch to fix some FALSE->NULL errors
  • VP9Fix.patch: VP9 support patch (requires libvpx-1.3.0 (exactly)), no Windows support atm.
  • DisableClickToActivate.patch: disables "Click to activate" on Flash applets
  • LoadImagesParser.patch: TWEAK_LOGDOC_LOAD_IMAGES_FROM_PARSER turned into two preferences

Linux/FreeBSD patches

  • LinuxBuildFix.patch: fixes some build issues on Linux
  • LinuxReleaseFix.patch: makes Linux release builds more stable
  • JSExecutionFix.patch: patch to fix javascript execution errors when building with modern compilers (g++ 5.x+)
  • PiInstructions.txt: instructions on building for Raspberry Pi
  • PiFixes.patch: patches for building on Raspberry Pi
  • ArmFixes.patch: patches for building for ARM platform (needed for Pi)
  • freebsd-11-gcc6.patch: FreeBSD compiling patch by kandeshvari, source
  • FixFreeType.patch: Fix building against system version of libfreetype with newer versions of the FreeType API

Windows patches

  • VSInstructions.md: guide for building with VS2010 and VS2015 (you should also read the alt version below)
  • VSInstructionsAlt.txt: translated instructions provided by RedCatX, source
  • VS2015Fix.patch: patch for building on VS2015

Gstreamer (Opera patched edition)

  • gst-opera_instructions.txt: guide for cloning the broken gst-opera repo into a working state
  • gst-opera_clone.bat: batch script to clone the broken gst-opera repo (requires wget & git for Windows)
  • gst-opera_clone.sh: shell script to clone the broken gst-opera repo (requires wget & git)
  • gst-opera_opensource.opera.com.zip: all the gst-opera repos, already cloned and zipped, with small edits for VS2015 support (external download)