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Pretius APEX Date Range

The plugin is Oracle APEX item plugin providing new date picker supporting range of dates. The plugin is dedicated to work with Oracle APEX Universal Theme. Behaviour and appeareance of the plugin can be changed with various settings.

The plugin is implemented on top of the Dan Grossman's javascript plugin "Date Range Picker". Not all functionalities of the original plugin were implemented in Pretius APEX Date Range plugin.


Alt text

Table of Contents



Demo application

Demo application

Features at Glance

  • compatible with Oracle APEX 5.1, 18.x, 19.x
  • support for
    • single and double items to store start and end date
    • PL/SQL date format masks
    • dynamic dates using apex syntax ( +1d, +1w etc )
    • min/max date
    • limiting no. of days in range
    • single/double calendars
  • definable quick picks


  • Built-in validation on submit
  • Support for HTML template instead of APEX item(s)
  • Theme Roller integration
  • Support for RTL


Install package

  1. src/PRETIUS_APEX_DATE_RANGE.sql - the plugin package specification
  2. src/PRETIUS_APEX_DATE_RANGE.plb - the plugin package body
  3. src/dynamic_action_plugin_pretius_apex_date_ranger.sql - the plugin installation files for Oracle APEX 5.1 or higher

Install procedure

To successfully install/update the plugin follow those steps:

  1. Install package PRETIUS_APEX_DATE_RANGE in Oracle APEX Schema owner (ie. via SQL Workshop)
  2. Install the plugin file dynamic_action_plugin_pretius_apex_date_ranger.sql using Oracle APEX plugin import wizard
  3. Configure application level componenets of the plugin

Usage guide

Single APEX item

  1. Create APEX item and set type to Pretius APEX Date Range [Plug-In]
  2. Configure the plugin behaviour and appearance with available attributes
  3. Save and run the page

Double APEX items

  1. Create two APEX items
    1. PX_DATE_FROM with type set to Pretius APEX Date Range [Plug-In]
    2. PX_DATE_TO with type set to Text field
  2. For PX_DATE_FROM set
    1. Mode to Two fields for dates or Two fields for dates - alternative
    2. Date to item to PX_DATE_TO
  3. Save and run the page

Plugin Settings


Detailed information about how to use every attribute of the plugin is presented in built-in help texts in APEX Application Builder.

Alt text

Component Settings

Component settings can be changed in Sharec components > Plugins > Pretius APEX date range > Component Settings

Attribute Default Description
First day 2 Use this attribute to determine which day of week should be rendered as first day of the week. While default day names are defined as Su, Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa, default value 2 refers Mo. Value 7 refers Sa.
Button classes t-Button t-Button--small Use this attribute to determine what classes will be applied to date picker buttons.
Apply class t-Button--hot Use this attribute to determine what classes will be applied to Apply button.
Cancel class t-Cancel Use this attribute to determine what classes will be applied to Cancel button.


To add new translations use Shared Componentes> Globalization > Text Messages.

Alt text

Translation string Example Description
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_DAYS Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa Names of days separated with coma.
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_MONTHS January,February,March,April,May, June,July,August,September, October,November,December Names of months separated witm coma
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_APPLYLABEL Apply Label of button confirming selected date range
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_CANCELLABEL Cancel Label of button closing date range picker
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_CUSTOM_RANGE Custom Label of quick pick used to select custom date range
PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_WEEK_LABEL W Header for column presenting week numbers

Plugin Events

The plugin doesn't expose any custom events.

Quick picks

Quick pick(s) are defined as JSON object (Quick pick(s) attribute). JSON object keys represent available quick pick labels. Each key is defined as Array with two elements - start and end of a predefined range. Start and end date are instances of Moment.js JavaScript library. To learn more about Moment.js visit its home page.

Alt text



  • PL/SQL support for mm and yy format mask
  • PL/SQL support for \ as format separator


  • PL/SQL the plugin source has been extracted as external package
  • PL/SQL input attributes such as size, length etc are derivied by APEX_PLUGIN_UTIL.get_element_attributes function
  • PL/SQL When APEX item is in readonly state it is rendering value only
  • PL/SQL plugin rendering function has been changed to procedural API
  • Plugin The plugin is now compatibile with APEX 5.1, 18.x and 19.x
  • Plugin Support for Warn on Unsaved Changes has been added
  • Plugin input reacts to APEX item template options such as Size, Strech Form Item
  • Plugin input supports Floating template
  • Plugin Support for Warn on Unsaved Changes has been added
  • JS debugging messages has been added at 3 levels: DEBUG, LEVEL6 and LEVEL9


  • Calendar z-index is set to 700. Calendar's div is on higher layer than Interactive Report headers and APEX left sidebar position.
  • Hovering non-selectable calendar elements (week day names, week numbers) do not change cursor style.
  • Creating range of dates from session values is fixed.
  • Applying date value triggers Change event on APEX item.
  • When Show days of other months is not checked, the hidden dates are not clickable.
  • Plugin attributes Days names of the calendar are not shifted. Calendar renders day names in valid sequence in correlation to the real date. Translation string PRETIUS_DATERANGEPICKER_DAYS is changed from Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa,Su to Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa - Sunday must be the first day of the week in the trasnlation list.


Initial release

Known issues

  • Date format mask DY, Dy return invalid string for selected date

About Author

Author Github Twitter E-mail
Bartosz Ostrowski @bostrowski @bostrowsk1

About Pretius

Pretius Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Address Website E-mail
Przy Parku 2/2 Warsaw 02-384, Poland


Our plugins are free to use but in some cases you might need to contact us. We are willing to assist you but in certain circumstances you will be charged for our time spent on helping you. Please keep in mind we do our best to keep documentation up to date and we won't answer question for which there is explaination in documentation (at github and as help text in application builder).

All request (bug fix / change request) should be posted in Issues Tab at github repository.

Free support

We do support the plugin in certain cases such as bug fixing and change request. If you have faced issue that might be bug please check Issues tab in github repository. In case you won't be able to find related issue please raise the issue following these rules:

  • issue should contain login credentials to application at where issue is reproduced
  • issue should contain steps to reproduce the issue in demo application
  • issue should contain description about it's nature

Paid support

In case you are not able to implement the plugin or you are willing to have custom implementation based on the plugin attributes (ie. custom JavaScript callbacks) we are willing to help you. Please send inquiry to apex[at] with description what you want us to help you with. We will contact you as soon as possible with pricing and possible dates.

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