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####WP REST API via Google App Engine Serve your wordpress site's POST with []WP REST API]( + []Google App Engine]( (as reverse proxy theoritically) to your visitors.

Super-fast, static-like webpage with your backend WP data.


Just clone this repo.

  • Signup to Google Cloud Platform,
  • Create APP engine project.
  • Change Wordpress site url from public/index.php
  • Change service name to default or whatever your want in app.yaml file

Deploy the application in your App Engine by issuing the following command.

gcloud app deploy --project=YOUR-GOOGLECLOUD-PROJECTID --version=whateverYOUWANT

Now it's done! you can now browse your Google APP Engine app url something like ****

Use this as your WP REST API endpoint and start using. Enjoy serving static pages with this REST API JSON data.

Facing any trouble, contact me anytime at or at twitter @shaharia

My article about this implementation are available on