TextMate and Emacs goodies for Xcode.
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Plugin for Xcode that adds some handy TextMate and Emacs actions to the Edit menu. Works in Xcode 5.1 or above.



###Select Scope:


###Ace Jump mode: image

###Ace Jump Word mode:



Build It Yourself

  1. Make sure the file path of Xcode is /Applications/Xcode.app, because some Xcode frameworks need to be linked from the Xcode app itself.
  2. Clone this repo, build it, then restart Xcode.

Or Use My Build

  1. Download XMate-1.02.zip
  2. Unzip it, move XMate.xcplugin into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins.
  3. Restart Xcode.

You can find XMate's actions under Xcode's Edit menu if it's loaded.


Set Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

All available actions are under Xcode's Edit menu. There aren't any keyboard shortcuts by default in case of conflicts. You can assign your favorite keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences -> Keyboard.


Here're all available actions, to save you some typing: XMate:Select Scope, XMate:Select between Brackets, XMate:Ace Jump, XMate:Ace Jump Word.

Selecting Actions

Select scope action selects inside quotes, or dot notation, or part of method calls. Keep activating the same action will extend the selection to a acceptable range. e.g inside quotes to including quotes.

Select brackets action is similar to select scope action, but it will only extend selection to paired square brackets, curly brackets and parentheses.

Ace Jump

  1. Press the Ace Jump menu item or the hotkey you assigned. A little text field will pop up at the lower left corner of your current active editing area.

  2. Input the character you want to jump to (case sensitive, can be letters or symbols), all the same characters will be covered by a yellow label with a lowercased indicating letter. In the word-mode, only words' first characters will be highlighted.

  3. Input the indicating letter, the caret will be moved to that location.

  4. If you input uppercased indicating letter, a selection from current caret location to the indicating letter's location will be made.

  5. Sometimes there're too many same characters on the screen, 26 letters are not enough to represent all of them, you can push tab or return to switch to next group.

  6. You can always push esc or the Ace Jump hotkey you assigned to quit Ace Jump mode.

XVim Compatibility

They can work together without crashing each other. Ace Jump Mode works fine since it just moves the caret to another position. Selecting actions are a little bit tricky, I don't recommend using XMate's selecting actions if you're using XVim.



I have no idea about how to write a syntax parser, ParseKit did all the heavy lifting for me behind the scene.

(For my Chinese fellas)

####Xcode 4 插件制作入门 @onevcat 的好文章,学习制作 Xcode 插件必看。


XMate is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE.txt file for more information.