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Primary sync sketch plugin – Sync your Sketch designs with Primary's user flows and design documents

Installation 💻

Double click the downloaded file primary-sync.sketchplugin to install the plugin.

 Download button for Primary sync sketch plugin

Made by the Primary team with help from the renowned Sketch plugin developer @davidwilliames!

Primary is currently only accessible by invite only. If you want to skip the queue and start using Primary in your team's project right now, then send us an email:

Sign up to the Primary app button

Getting started 📖

1. Design in Sketch

2. Open the Primary sync plugin with (Ctrl ⌃ + Cmd ⌘ + P) or through Sketch Runner

3. Log in to your Primary account and select your project

4. Sync all or just selected artboards

5. See the updated images in Primary's interfaces and user flows

4 ways to use the plugin 👇

  • Through Sketch Runner
  • Right click an artboard and select Sync to Primary
  • With the shortcut (Ctrl ⌃ + Cmd ⌘ + P)
  • Use the Plugins menu and look for Primary sync

Bug reporting 🐛

If it's an urgent bug contact us directly

If it's a minor bug or feature request then please submit an issue.

"I'm new here, what does Primary do?" 👶

Primary is an app for creating design documents and user flows that your whole team will understand.

It's easy to get started with our user flow builder and then showcase them to anyone with our Presentation view. There's also a powerful document export tool to generate and share your designs as markdown or requirements.

If you're still communicating your designs through comments on images then Primary was made for you!