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Skewing #1062

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This adds skewing support to Sparrow, which gives Sparrow the full set of 2D transforms that the Flash tool supports.

There's a tiny bit of extra overhead in SPRenderSupport.transformMatrixForObject:, since there's no gl function for the skew transform, but it's only incurred if you actually use skewing (it doesn't add any overhead to straight-up rotation).


Wow, that looks awesome! Thanks a lot for the pull request. I'll try that out and add it for sure. It's a very smart solution!


Great! (We also have a more-or-less identical change coming down the pipeline for Starling - you should get a pull request for that today, if you're interested).

@tconkling tconkling Merge branch 'master' into skewing

I added this in Sparrow 2.0.

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