A permissioned Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain for sharing corporate KYC records
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Blockchain-eKYC (Hyperledger Sawtooth)

Open source eKYC blockchain built on Hyperledger Sawtooth


Blockchain-eKYC (Hyperledger Sawtooth) is a permissioned Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain for sharing corporate KYC records amongst banks and other financial institutions.

The records are stored in the blockchain in an encrypted form and can only be viewed by entities that have been "whitelisted" by the issuer entity. This ensures data privacy and confidentiality while at the same time ensuring that records are shared only between entities that trust each other.

Blockchain-eKYC (Hyperledger Sawtooth) is maintained by Rahul Tiwari, Blockchain Developer, Primechain Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Installation and setup

Please refer to the guide here: https://github.com/Primechain/blockchain-ekyc-sawtooth/blob/master/setup.MD

Third party software and components

Third party software and components: bcryptjs, body-parser, connect-flash, cookie-parser, express, express-fileupload, express-handlebars, express-session, express-validator, mongodb, mongoose, multichain, passport, passport-local, sendgrid/mail.


Blockchain-eKYC (Hyperledger Sawtooth) is available under Apache License 2.0. This license does not extend to third party software and components.