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Custom Boot Splash

This plugin can display Boot Splash on PS Vita / PS TV at boot.
Please convert the image you want to display with Boot Splash image converter and place it in ur0:tai/

The boot logo that is displayed in the beginning can not be hidden with this plugin.


Look for the line marked "load os0:kd/clockgen.skprx" from boot_config.txt.
Add "- load ur0:tai/custom_boot_splash.skprx" one line before that.
The path of the plugin can be freely ok.

To Enso 3.65 users

If Enso 3.65 is installed and boot_config.txt exists in vs0:tai/ and it is not loaded even if plugin path is written to ur0:tai/boot_config.txt, please update Enso to the latest version.

- load ur0:tai/custom_boot_splash.skprx

load os0:kd/clockgen.skprx
#load os0:kd/syscon.skprx
#load os0:kd/rtc.skprx
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