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apps Added /apps directory, and moved some problem generators from /src/prob Aug 23, 2012
doc Added error check. Jan 18, 2014
src Fixes made to Fargo (didn't update B3i in 2d xy shearing sheet) and R… Jun 9, 2015
tst Update for operator-split cooling term. Added configure option --enab… Jan 7, 2014
vis Updated version of script with big fixes from Sasha Phillipov Jul 30, 2013 Revert default setting for Jan 7, 2014 Create simple Jun 9, 2017 Implemented third-order compact reconstructions (i.e. using only 3-po… Mar 21, 2014
install-sh Vanilla install-sh script from X11R5. No change from CVS repo. Jun 28, 2006

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