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The following have contributed code to the MVPA toolbox (and
given permission for it to be redistributed under the GPL
license - see COPYING). In alphabetical order:
Michael Bannert
Michael Benharrosh
Seth Bouvier
Melissa K. Carroll
Denis Chigirev
Greg Detre
Andy Engell
Garrett McGrath
Chris Moore
Ryan Moore
Vaidehi Natu
Ken Norman
Ehren Newman
Klaus Nuissl
Joel Quamme
Francisco Pereira
Sean Polyn
Susan Robison
Chris Said
Keith Schneider
Per Sederberg
Benjamin Singer
Greg Stephens
Sylvain Takerkart
Matthew Weber
David Weiss
Thomas Wolbers
[If you think your name should be on here, email, and we'll be happy to rectify
the oversight.]