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1. Put 
	- 'run_sh' and 
	- 'DepthTSDF' in the same directory.
2. Run
	sh  ./run_sh  server_dir data_dir  data_name  (param1 param2 ...)

3. Example
	sh  ./run_sh  /n/fs/sun3d/data/  /n/fs/sun3d/data/  hotel_umd/maryland_hotel3/  150 700 5.0 1.1 ...

	param1: frame threshold			(default: 200)
	param2: volume size			(default: 640 voxels)
	param3: volume dimension		(default: 8.0 meter)
	param4: angle scale factor 		(default: 1.0)
	param5: translation scale factor 	(default: 1.0)
	param6: RSME 				(default: 0.015)


Dependencies in Ubuntu 
	1. follow instructions in https://github.com/GerhardR/kfusion
	2. sudo apt-get install libpng++-dev
	3. sudo apt-get install libjpeg-turbo8-dev