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ABS-R Success Guide

Follow this step by step guide for successful printing with ABS-R.

Material Table

First Layer Printing
Bed Temperature 70°C 60°C
Nozzle Temperature 220°C 235°C
Retraction Distance - -
Retraction Speed - -


Follow the Preparing a Print guide for more help on slicing a print. Incorporate the material settings above into printing and bed temperature.


  1. Heat the bed up to ABS-R first layer temperature
  2. Once the bed is hot, probe the bed with G30 and then level the bed with G29 S0. Follow the Bed Leveling & Probing guide if you need help.
  3. Heat up the nozzle to printing temperature and load filament. Follow the Loading and Unloading Filament guide. It is best to extruder about 10 mm of filament to make sure filament is flowing through correctly. Remember to clear the extruded filament with tweezers before starting the print.
  4. Upload the print to the board. For more help follow the Running a Print guide.

Quality Troubleshooting

Read the section below to improve the quality of your ABS-R print. The titles of the section below indicate the problems that you might see when printing ABS-R and how to solve them.




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