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Software Download

{% hint style="success" %} First, Make sure to take a look at the Micro 3D Printer Quick Guide. {% endhint %}

Software Download

{% tabs %} {% tab title="Micro + (Plus)" %} {% hint style="danger" %} CAUTION This software is intended for Micro+ users and has not been fully tested for backward compatibility with the Micro. Use of this software to control a Micro is at your own risk. {% endhint %}

Download the Latest Version.

Windows Download v1.8.0.0 MD5
Linux Download v1.8.2.0 MD5
Mac Download v1.8.1.0 MD5 (Not compatible with OSX Mojave and Catalina)

Click here to browse all versions {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Micro (Regular) " %} {% hint style="warning" %} This software is intended for M3D Micro Printers only. {% endhint %}

Download the Latest Version

Windows Download V1.5.1.0
Linux Download V1.8.2.0
Mac Download V1.5.2.0

User Manual

English Download
Spanish Download
{% endtab %}
{% endtabs %}

PDF Manuals

{% tabs %} {% tab title="Micro + (Plus)" %} The M3D Micro+ User Manual.

English {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Micro" %} The M3D Micro User Manual.


Español {% endtab %} {% endtabs %}

Getting Started Video

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