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STL File Manipulation & 3D Design Software

3D Design Software

Software License Experience Level Website
Autodesk 123D Freeware Beginner
OpenSCAD GNU GPL Amateur
FreeCAD GNU LGPL Amateur
Seamless3D MIT Intermediate
Google Sketchup Freemium Intermediate
SolidWorks Commercial Expert
Blender GNU GPL Expert
Rhino3D Commercial Expert

STL File Manipulation Software

Software License Capabilities Website
Netfabb basic (free) Freeware Fill missing triangles, flip inverted triangles, and more
Slic3r (free) Freeware Capable of splitting a STL assembly into multiple STLs, merge STLs together, and create build plates
Materialise Magics Commercial A combination of Netfabb and Slic3r
Autodesk Meshmixer Freeware Use it to import stl files and manipulate them. You can split parts, add joints, merge parts, and add shapes to parts (like cubes, spheres, weird features)
Slash 3D Freeware Import STL models and hack away at them like Minecraft, or make blocked things from scratch and download as an STL.

Updated: May 08 (3 months ago)

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