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@j-laird j-laird released this Sep 25, 2015


This version is intended only to support legacy (~early 2014 and prior) model Printrbots, usually those without the inductive "autolevel" probe, which home toward Y=0.

This version is NOT to be used on current shipping Printrbots (Metal Plus, Metal Simple, Play) as it would attempt to home in a direction where there is no endstop switch. Noise and/or damage may occur!

Note that this version does have the "auto-level" feature enabled, in support of legacy users who have retrofitted the inductive probe.

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@j-laird j-laird released this Aug 7, 2015

Corrects E1 changes (second extruder on dual extruder model) implemented in rev 3 but not built correctly into the rev 4 binary. Just to be clear about what version was broken and what fixed it, this release should work with dual extruders, while rev 4 was meant to (and by the source code here, it would have). The error was on the build and the file ultimately published on release 4.

TL;DR: Use this instead of release 4.

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@j-laird j-laird released this Jul 24, 2015

NOTE: If using on a dual-extruder model (such as the Metal Plus Dual), note that the hex file published below was built in error -- and uses an older copy of pins.h that does not support the second extruder. Use RevF-Version-5 or later.

Adjusts G29 probing points if the X or Y offset (M212) is greater than 10mm in either direction. This prevents Metal Plus from probing off-bed and thereafter gouging the build plate. Change requested by PBHQ.

note added Aug 7 2015 by j-laird

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@j-laird j-laird released this Jul 10, 2015

This version intended ONLY for revision Fx (F4,F5) Printrboards.

As compared to RevF Version 2, this introduces:

  • Change the Max feed rates (M203) to: X125 Y125 Z5
  • Change steps per unit (M92) to: E96 (change in machine shop caused change to diameter of direct drive gear)
  • Change Bed probe offset(M212) to: Z0
  • Corrected stepper E1 pin assigments for Extrudrboard (change introduced on rev F Printrboard)

...per request by Nick @ PBHQ

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@j-laird j-laird released this Jul 1, 2015

This version is intended only for revision F4 and F5 Printrboards.

As compared to the previous version, implements a change to the bed thermistor (requested by Nick @ PBHQ), consolidates build dimensions and steps/mm to values compatible with current production models (build area must be updated for models other than the Play)

Also, for convenience - provides useful revision information in the M115 response (this version number, and URL to github repository).

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@j-laird j-laird released this Sep 3, 2014

This release is intended for Printrboard Rev F4 and F5 only.

As compared to prior (rev B-D Printrboards, rev F4/F5 has several pin assignment changes, and replaces the potentiometer-based motor driver trimming with programmable tuning via an onboard DAC. For that reason, this version WILL NOT WORK on Printrboards prior to version F4.

The onboard DAC / motor tuning is accomplished using the new M907 command (sets in %, so as an example M907 X30 Y30 Z30 E30 sets all motors to 30% of their full scale adjustment range. M909 can be used to read the present values, and reports both in percentage and DAC counts.

NOTE: The DAC includes separate EEPROM used to store motor trim values, and if you change the values, you must use M910 to save the new values to this location. This is the counterpart to M500 which saves the OTHER configurable values to that other EEPROM. M500 does NOT save motor trim values

Note that the four .hex files included in this release are based on common source, with the following changes to set model-specific defaults. They otherwise share common code

Code changes follow:

  • configuration.h, lines 311-316 (X_MAX_POS_DEFAULT, Y_MAX_POS_DEFAULT...etc)
    • GO -- X: 505, Y:304, Z:310
    • MAKER -- X:100, Y:100, Z: 115
    • PLUS -- X: 250, Y: 254, Z:254
    • SIMPLE METAL -- X: 152.4, Y: 152.4, Z: 152.4
  • configuration.h line 399 (DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT)
    • GO: {80,80,1511.57,96}
    • MAKER: {80,80,2020,96}
    • PLUS: {80,80,1511.57,96}
    • SIMPLE METAL: {80,80,2020,96}
  • usb_private.h line 19 (STR_PRODUCT) (this file is in your Arduino build environment, and is not included in the Github source)
    • GO: "Go"
    • MAKER: "Simple Maker"
    • PLUS: "Plus"
    • SIMPLE METAL "Metal Simple"
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@lwalkera lwalkera released this Jul 9, 2014

Release for the Printrbot Simple Metal, model 1403 - with induction sensor for Z endstop

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release makes changes to the motor direction as compared to previous versions (see Motor wire orientation, below). Unless you are directed to use this release, you may want to use a prior release to avoid having to flip motor connections. If you do use this release, please test manual movements carefully to confirm proper operation of each axis and extruder.

NOTE: This firmware will work with ANY Printrbot with an induction sensor AND the Y endstop physically located at maximum. Older bots may have the Y endstop installed at the Y minimum location. You can manually reconfigure your stepps per mm manually (M92) and the build dimensions (M211). More info here--

Stock equipment:

GT2 belts and pulleys

Direct Drive Extruder

Build Dimensions X 150mm , Y 150mm , Z 150mm

Home is at X,Z minimums and Y maximum (top left)

Motor wire orientation:
X and Z motors are plugged in normally, Y and E are inverted (corrected, see below)
Current Printrbot Simple (Simple Metal 1403, Simple Maker 1405): X,Y,Z inverted, E normal
Legacy Printrbot Simple with string drive and Al direct drive extruder: X,Z inverted, E, Y normal
Legacy Printrbot Simple with string drive and wooden extruder: X,Z,E inverted, Y normal

M211 is now implimented (resizing build volume soft endstops)
M212 is now implimented (setting your induction sensor offset values)

edited 2014-07-08 by j-laird to highlight motor direction changes introduced in this release

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Firmware configured for the Metal Simple shipped starting April '14. There needs to be some code changes to make the unified firmware compatible with the Metal Simple and the Rev F printrboards. This is here so that new Metal Simple owners have source and base-line firmware for their bots.

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@lwalkera lwalkera released this Jan 20, 2014

Re-enabled most of the LCD support. See bedlevel-v1 for instructions.

Updated hex file 5/29 to have PB USB IDs.

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@lwalkera lwalkera released this Jan 20, 2014

Beta of bedlevling for the Printrboard/Printrbot. Also added M212 m-code to set offset of the probe to the tip of the extruder.

Set probe offset: M212 X-3 Y3 Z-10
Initiate the multipoint Z-axis homing: G29

To use:

  1. Attach probe to extruder carriage somehow.
  2. Measure the distance between the tip of the probe when actuated and the tip of the extruder in each axis direction.
  3. Home X and Y axis
  4. Use G29 to start the multipoint Z homing
  5. Retract or remove the probe
  6. Print with a level bed :)

Probing points are set to 10mm towards the center of the bed based on the limits set by the M211(Set max soft endstop) M-code. You can change this by editing the configuration, and recompiling.

See bedlevel-v2 for LCD support.

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