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0.6.30 (2015-06-19)

  • Respect result of beforerender callback on mobile (#717)
  • Allow for a duration of 0 when scrolling (#720)

0.6.29 (2014-11-17)

  • Make the ID of skrollr-body configurable (#592)

0.6.28 (2014-11-15)

  • In cases where skrollr-body has a height other than auto the height of its content is now correctly calculated. This should solve many issues on mobile where scrolling got stock before reaching the bottom (#633)

0.6.27 (2014-09-28)

  • Fixed AMD module definition (#609)

0.6.26 (2014-06-08)

  • Fixed easing functions not working when animating attributes (#533)

0.6.25 (2014-05-22)

  • CommonJS (#519).

0.6.24 (2014-04-25)

  • Fixed some issue with forceHeight (#347).
  • Fixed a regression caused by #486 breaking IE 8 (#494).
  • Added support for animating attributes (#204).

0.6.23 (2014-04-18)

note: This particular version is broken in IE!

  • Experimental support for emitting events when the scrolling passes a keyframe (check out the docs for keyframe option/event).
  • When using refresh, make sure elements which do not longer have keyframes get properly cleaned up (#486).
  • Fixed refresh not accepting NodeLists (#435).
  • Expose the status of mobile mode as isMobile() function (#488).

0.6.22 (2014-02-21)

  • Experimental AMD support (#409). Please read the documentation about it.

0.6.21 (2014-01-06)

  • Disabled mobile mode on Windows Phone, since it's not needed there (#408).

0.6.20 (2014-01-03)

  • Fixed broken percentage constants.

0.6.19 (2014-01-02)

  • Constants can now be defined as functions or percentage offsets (#148, #404).

breaking: When using a constant of value 100 together with percentage offsets like data-_foo-75p, the value was implicitly handled as percentage value 100p. Starting with this version you need to explcitly use 100p if you want percentage constants. On the plus side, you can now mix an absolute constant with a percentage keyframe or a percentage constant with an absolute keyframe.

0.6.18 (2013-12-18)

  • Fixed scrolling on input elements (#397).

0.6.17 (2013-10-19)

  • Fixed keyboard not appearing on some mobile browsers when an input was focused (#349).

0.6.16 (2013-10-18)

  • Fixed z-index:auto; not working because it was always coerced to an integer (#351).

0.6.15 (2013-10-03)

  • Fixed clicking on links (and other elements) on mobile (#263, #303, #338).
  • Added getMaxScrollTop method (#238).

0.6.14 (2013-10-03)

  • Fixed the direction parameter that's passed to the render events (#339).

0.6.13 (2013-09-29)

  • Added support for percentage offsets (#185).

0.6.12 (2013-09-17)

  • Added destroy method (#109).

0.6.11 (2013-08-13)

  • Made the mobile deceleration configurable and lowered the default (#222, #229).

0.6.10 (2013-07-30)

  • Fixed bug which caused IE to perform an endless loop (#271).

0.6.9 (2013-07-01)

  • Improved overall performance for mobile (#249).

0.6.8 (2013-06-17)

  • Added a new option smoothScrollingDuration.

0.6.7 (2013-06-17)

  • Changed the default value of edgeStrategy from ease to set. There are too many cases where ease was not wanted and unexpected.

0.6.6 (2013-06-05)

  • Fixed IE plugin not working. This was caused by assigning skrollr.setStyle to a local variable inside the skrollr core. Since the IE plugin monkey-patches the skrollr.setStyle function, the core didn't notice the change (#199 comment 18986949).

0.6.5 (2013-05-22)

  • Fixed crash in IE < 9 because the detected prefix was null (#220).

0.6.4 (2013-05-21)

  • Fixed that some elements got the skrollable-before and skrollable-after class at the same time.

0.6.3 (2013-05-19)

  • When resizing the browser, the scroll position was reset to 0 (#217)

0.6.2 (2013-05-18)

  • When resizing the browser, forceHeight was colliding with the already forced height (#216).

0.6.1 (2013-05-18)

  • Allow numbers inside of easing function names (#152).

0.6.0 (2013-05-18)

Expect things to break when coming from 0.5! Read through the changelog. Migration is not hard.

  • [breaking] There's no more file. You only need skrollr.js. You no longer need to conditionally include
  • You can configure how skrollr detects mobile browsers using the mobileCheck option (check out the documentation).
  • [possibly breaking] The meaning of the #skrollr-body element changed. Put all static elements inside of it and all absolute/fixed elements outside. It doesn't need to be the first child of the body anymore.
  • [breaking] The rendered and unrendered classes where renamed because they were confusing and wrong. They're now called skrollable-before and skrollable-after, because that's their meaning (the element with these classes is before/after the first/last keyframe).
    • Added a new class skrollable-between, because symmetry. That's why.
  • Easing functions are now applied when exactly at a keyframe (#132).
  • [possibly breaking] The behavior changed for the case when the scroll position is before/after the first/last keyframe (I'm just gonna use "before first" from now on, because "after last" is analog). In 0.5 the behavior was not exactly specified and buggy (see item above regarding #132). Skrollr was applying the styles of the first keyframe to the element for all scroll position that were before the first keyframe. E.g. when data-100="top:200px;" was the first keyframe, the element had top:200px; at all scroll positions before (all from 0 to 99). From now on you can specify the behavior you want (see edgeStrategy option for details, set it to set for old behavior). Note: 0.6.7 and up use set as default.


  • Add a skrollr-mobile class to the html element when the mobile script is included.

0.5.13 (2013-02-08)

  • #131: Use a cross browser approach for getting the body scroll-height.
  • #133: Use the maximum of document height or the max keyframe for edge cases where absolute keyframes are used in a relative-mode-like document and data-end was calculated wrong.

0.5.12 (2013-02-08)

  • #121: Fixed prefix detection in Safari.

0.5.11 (2013-01-18)

  • #126: When calling refresh(), force rerendering, even if the scrollbar didn't move.


  • #104: Fixed the most annoying bug on mobile. There was a large blank space at the bottom of the page.


  • #118: Fixed broken prefix detection. Was broken all the time, but worked before Firefox 18.

0.5.8 (2013-01-12)

  • #116 + #117: SVG support was broken for relative mode.


  • #103: skrollr no longer depends on being added to the bottom of the document.


  • #105: Fixed inconsistent behaviour for adding rendered and unrendered class on page load


  • #100: Fixed relative-mode not working correctly in IE < 9 due to crippled getBoundingClientRect

0.5.4 (2012-11-18)

  • #80: When resizing the browser window the calculation of relative mode was wrong when the element's vertical position was changed before.


  • #66: Make IE 7 support a light version of data-anchor-target by mapping querySelector to getElementById.


  • #78: Fixed that new parser didn't allowed omitting the last semicolon in a keyframe property list.

0.5.1 (2012-10-29)

  • Fixed setScrollTop and animateTo not working because iScroll uses negative offset.

0.5.0 (2012-10-09)

  • breaking the plugin api has been removed (the IE plugin has been updated to a new, hidden api).
  • Full mobile support using iscroll.
  • #73: Fixed parser to not mess up colons inside URLs
  • #74: Fixed parser to not treat single periods as decimal numbers
  • #76: Fixed dummy element overlaping the content, even though it should be unobtrusive


  • #58: forceHeight now handles relative mode like a boss.
  • #59: Make scale option only affect absolute mode.


  • #64: Setting float property using JavaScript didn't work across browser. Now using styleFloat and cssFloat properties.

0.4.11 (2012-09-17)

  • The scale option does not affect constants.


  • Allow smooth scrolling on element level using data-smooth-scrolling


  • Added experimental smooth scrolling (no more CSS transitions. WORKS IN IE.).


  • Added stopAnimateTo method.


  • Updated the requestAnimationFrame polyfill for smoother animations
  • Updated the way requestAnimationFrame is used for even smoother animations


  • New method relativeToAbsolute which was formerly private
  • New method isAnimatingTo to check if an animation caused by animateTo is running
  • Added sqrt easing function



  • A skrollr class is added to the HTML element and a no-skrollr class is removed when init is called. Useful for fallback styling.

0.4.3 (2012-08-02)

  • Added new feature "constants".

0.4.2 (2012-07-26)

  • Added new feature "anchor-target" which allows elements to react to other elements leaving/entering the viewport.

0.4.1 (2012-07-25)

  • Fixed a bug which broke skrollr in IE caused by wrong regular expression behavior

0.4.0 (2012-07-22)

  • breaking the data-end-[offset] syntax changed. It's now data-[offset]-end.
  • Fixed a bug where white spaces between style declarations were not ignored.
  • Added support for anchors. Animations can now be specified relative to the elements position within the viewport.
  • Added support for SVG elements.
  • Added new method refresh().
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