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Made the menu plugin more sophisticated and added docu

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@@ -179,6 +179,27 @@ Here's an infographic for better understanding of anchors (click to open PDF):
**Important**: All those values will be calculated up-front and transformed to `absolute` mode. So if either the element's box height changes (height, padding, border) or the elements position within the document, you probably need to call `refresh()` (see documentation in JavaScript section below). **Window resizing is handled by skrollr.**
Hash navigation
In case you want to use hash links, e.g. `<href="#section-about">About</a>` you need to know the following:
* If you animate `top`, `margin-top` or anything that moves the element up/down, the browser won't be able to jump to the correct position and you may end up somewhere else
* If you're using skrollr on mobile they won't work at all, because we're not using native scrolling there
**But** we've got you covered. Download the `dist/` file and include it right after the `skrollr.min.js` file. Then you need to call `` passing the skrollr instance as first parameter and optionally some options. Here's a full example.
var s = skrollr.init(/*other stuff*/);
//The options (second parameter) are all optional. The values shown are the default values., {
animate: true, //skrollr will smoothly animate to the new position using `animateTo`.
duration: 500, //How long the animation should take in ms.
easing: 'sqrt' //The easing function to use.
Working with constants

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@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Showcasing the awesomeness of skrollr.
* [The "main" example](
* [Demonstrating different anchors](
* [Demonstrating data-anchor-target](
* [ plugin](
* [Drawing a SVG path](
* [Creating a fixed nav](
* [Snapping](
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