This is a live and interactive map for the popular game 7 Days To Die.
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CORPSES stands for Comprehensive Online (Route) Planning-, Social- and Explorationsystem.

This is most of all a webbased map for the popular game 7 Days To Die from The Fun Pimps.

This software requires an own server that interops with the telnet interface of the 7DTD server itself, utilizes a database and listens for incoming websocket connections to run commands executed by the webinterface published via http using your systems default webserver.


This software should run on every platform that supports NodeJS and allows hosting a webpage (almost every operating system does this, but only Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and Arch) and Windows were tested). You will need access to a database on a MySQL server as well as a 7DTD server itself.

What could also be necessary is a decent cup of hot chocolate for the duration of the installation process.


Please refer to the official wiki page.


Everything is documented in the documentation which is automatically generated by the CI on push here.


This software was mainly written by:

  • Soana (Andra Ruebsteck)
  • Prior (Frederick Gnodtke)

If you would like to contribute to this project we of course would be happy. Just fork this project and send us a pull-request.

Thanks to

Alloc for his server fixes as without them there would be neither maprendering nor a decent telnetinterface.

Every contributor of every dependency we are using.

The Fun Pimps for creating this game.