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@dansiegel dansiegel released this Feb 20, 2019 · 115 commits to master since this release

General Notes

This is the 2nd public preview for Prism 7.2, and the 1st public preview of the new Prism for UWP (aka Prism.Windows). Note that the UWP API's may still be in flux prior to release.

This preview provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

#Prism Core

  • #1348: Navigation Alignment - moved all navigation interfaces into Prism Core (currently hidden from WPF)
  • #1476: Module Alignment - moved Exceptions, ModuleInfo, and several Modularity interfaces to Prism.Core from WPF combining with some Prism.Forms definitions.
  • IModuleManager.ModuleDownloadProgressChanged (available in net45 aka WPF ONLY)
  • #1505: Memory problem with EventAggregator and never published message
  • #1509: Module Alignment Updates: Introduce IModuleInfo
  • #1511: Module Alignment
  • All modularity interfaces and base & supporting types moved to Prism.Core
  • IContainerRegistry now has a Fluent API. All registration methods now return IContainerRegistry to allow chaining registrations.
  • IContainerRegistry has expanded API's to help with additional scenarios where you might need a named type.
  • IContainerProvider has expanded API's to help resolve Types with specific instances that may be needed for resolution.
  • (Forms and UWP) INavigationService now has extension methods to support the use of Tuples for NavigationParameters eliminating the need to specifically create new NavigationParameters when Navigating.


  • #1544: .Net Core 3 Support
  • #1601: InitializeModules() should be called even if there's no shell
  • #1676: Ambiguous match found when ObserveProperty
  • #1666: A New IDialogService for WPF
  • Introduces a new IDialogService that will replace the PopupWindowAction altogether. This service will allow developers to show any dialog they want either modal, or non-modal, and have complete control over their dialog logic.


  • #1589: OnNavigatedFrom method is not called when changing detail on MasterDetailPage
  • #1615: Add the ability to switch tabs
  • #1625: Master Detail to Tab Page Navigation broken in 7.1
  • #1683: Xaml navigation without animation isn't working
  • XAML Navigation Extensions are now Bindable. Among the benefits includes that when coupled with the new BindableLayout in Xamarin.Forms you could use this to build dynamic Menu's in XAML
  • XAML Navigation now allows you to specify whether the Navigation should be Animated or Use Modal Navigation
  • Fixed registration of Views by Platform
  • Changed target Xamarin.Forms version from 4.0-pre1 to 3.5 SR1
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