Release Notes 6.3.0

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Prism (6.3)

  • Fixed #755: PubSubEvent without a payload - Virtual method-signature is missing
  • Fixed #785: Remove DelegateCommand.FromAsyncHandler. You must update all your FromAsyncHandler commands to be standard
  • DelegateCommand with an async void delegate method. Breaking

DelegateCommandBase API changes. Only impacts you if you derive from DelegateCommand or DelegateCommandBase. You can only override Execute(object parameter) and CanExecute(object parameter). Breaking

DelegateCommand.ObservesCanExecute signature change to from ObservesCanExecute((o) => Property) to simplified ObservesCanExecute(() => Property). Breaking

BindableBase Changes:

  • Added new RaisePropertyChanged method
  • OnPropertChanged([CallerMemberName] string propertyName = null) has been marked as obsolete. Use RaisePropertyChanged
  • OnPropertyChanged(Expression<Func> propertyExpression) has been marked as obsolete. Use RaisePropertyChanged(nameof(PropertyName))

Prism for Xamarin.Forms (6.3)

  • Fixed #714: EventToCommand behavior
  • Fixed #744: INavigationAware not called on hardware/software back buttons
  • Fixed #754: NavigationService Extensibility
  • Fixed #759: DryIoC package references incorrect NuGet package
  • Fixed #776: Add support for OnNavigatingTo to INavigationAware Breaking
  • Fixed #787: Update Xamarin Studio Template Pack to use IPlatformInitializer
  • Fixed #788: TabbedPage - add support for IActiveAware
  • Fixed #789: Error loading project template pack - Xamarin Studio
  • Fixed #793: Find a way to clean up Views/VMs when popping off the nav Stack with new IDestructible interface
  • Fixed #808: Added IDevice to abstract Xamarin.Forms.Device static methods
  • Fixed #836: PageDialogService/ActionSheetButton Support Generics
  • Fixed #851: added NavigationMode to NavigationParameters
  • Fixed #859: Autofac should resolve non-registered types as well
  • Fixed #862: Call IDestructible when using an absolute URI
  • Fixed #889: DryIoc not resolving concrete types
  • Fixed #900: IConfirmNavigation and IConfirmNavigationAsync don't work with back button on NavigationPage
  • Fixed #922: Add support for arrays in NavigationParameters (no longer Dictionary) Breaking Change
  • Fixed #932: Cannot use absolute navigation in UWP
  • Fixed #963: ObservePropertyChange does not work, when viewmodel raise PropertyChanged with String.Empty
  • Fixed #978: Apply EventToCommandBehavior to Element
  • Fixed #980: GoBackAsync not firing OnNavigatedTo on TabbedPage.Current in NavigationPage

Added IApplicationLifecycle interface to allow VM's to respond to OnSleep and OnResume app events Added IApplicationStore to expose Application.Properties and Application.SavePropertiesAsync methods to a ViewModel.

Navigation Updates:

  • IConfirmNavigationAware and IConfirmNavigationAwareAync no longer implements INavigationAware Breaking
  • INavigationAware has been separated into two separate interfaces; INavigatedAware and INavigatingAware

Prism for WPF (6.3)

  • Fixed #432: Add WindowContentType for PopupWindowAction
  • Fixed #811: DryIoc Container support for WPF
  • Fixed #678: InteractionResquest.RaiseAsync not correct - Removed method signature Breaking
  • Fixed #916: Exceptions thrown during Module initialization shouldn't affect other Modules from initializing
  • Fixed #926: Issue with loading modules from path, with valid special symbols in file path like #

Prism for Windows (6.3)

  • Removed strong naming
  • Fixed #281: Added a hook to provide restoring the application state
  • Fixed #795: Fix resuming from suspension (without termination)
  • Fixed #943: Handle file activation
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