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Prisma/DB ( is a cryptographic security layer for relational database systems, that currently supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB; support for Oracle and PostgreSQL is planned. Started as a research project in Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), it is now a fast-developing product.

Try it out!

The easiest way to try out Prisma/DB is to use Docker containers. This will also keep your computer clutter-free.

Important for Windows users: Enabling Hyper-V (required by Docker for Windows) will disable VirtualBox or any other virtualization manager. You won't be able to start your virtual machines until you disable Hyper-V (or migrate your VMs to Hyper-V).

1. Installing Docker for Windows

Install Docker by following the instructions at

On Windows, you can download the latest installer from here. Alternatively, you can install it using Chocolatey: choco install docker-for-windows.

After the installation is finished, make sure that Docker is switched to Linux containers. On Windows, it could be done by right-clicking the Docker icon in the taskbar and choosing the respective menu item.

2. Launching Prisma/DB Demo Suite

To launch the demo suite you will need to open your command line interface. On Windows, you may launch PowerShell; on Mac, you can launch Terminal app; if you are on Linux, you sure know what to do :)

1) Pull the latest image of MySQL with Prisma/DB libraries:

> docker pull bazzilic/prismadb-mysql

And launch it, setting the root password to toor:

> docker run -d --rm -p 3306:3306 --name prismadb-db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=toor bazzilic/prismadb-mysql

Note, that it takes about 30 seconds before the db server starts accepting connections.

2) Pull the latest image of Prisma/DB Proxy

> docker pull bazzilic/prismadb-proxy-mysql

And launch it as well, linking it to the database container.

> docker run --rm -d --name prismadb-proxy -p 4000:4000 --link=prismadb-db -e MYSQL_ADDRESS=prismadb-db bazzilic/prismadb-proxy-mysql

3) Launch MySQL command line tool to connect to the database through the Prisma/DB Proxy

> docker run -it --rm --link=prismadb-proxy mysql mysql -h prismadb-proxy -P 4000 -u root -ptoor

4) Use some of the following queries to try out the encrypted database:

	c INT,
	e VARCHAR(30)

INSERT INTO t1 (a, b, c, d, e) VALUES
( 1,  2,   3, 'Hello', 'Prisma/DB'),
(12,  0,   7, 'Test', 'data'),
( 0,  2, 123, 'This is encrypted', 'And this is not'),
(71, 67,  13, 'Last', 'row');

-- Arithmetic operations and search over encrypted values
SELECT a, b, a + b AS `SUM`, b * a AS `MUL`, (b * a) + b AS `EXPR`
FROM   t1
WHERE  b = 2;

Please note that Prisma/DB currently supports only a subset of the full SQL. We are constantly working to support more. If you encounter a problem with your queries, please head to the Issues section and let us know!

Connect to the database server directly (it's at localhost:3306) using any database management tool (HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench, etc.) and you would be able to see the partially encrypted database as it is stored on the server, with the data in selected columns being encrypted.