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Create Minecraft servers with a powerful, stable, and high level JavaScript API.
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Create Minecraft servers with a powerful, stable, and high level JavaScript API.


  • Support for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.12
  • Players can see the world
  • Players see each other in-game and in tab
  • Digging
  • Placing blocks
  • Player movement
  • World generation
  • Anvil loading
  • Multi-world

Test server

Building / Running

Before running or building it is recommended that you configure the server in config/settings.json

npm install
node app.js

Or try our autoupdating flying-squid server autonomous-squid

You can also install flying-squid globally with sudo npm install -g flying-squid and then run it with flying-squid command.

World generation

There are several modules than can be used to generate the world. The default one is called diamond-square

  • node-voxel-worldgen a voxel world generator written in Rust, compatible with flying-squid and allows basic minecraft-like generation including caves.
  • diamond-square a diamond square minecraft generation

To install a world generation, all you have to do is npm install it and then change the generation option in settings.json.


  • flying-squid-irc a bridge between a irc chan and the minecraft server. Currently used between our test server ( and our gitter room (through the official gitter irc bridge)
  • flying-squid-schematic Flying-squid plugin providing /listSchemas and /loadSchema commands. You can add schema through a simple http api and then add them in your world by just calling /loadSchema in game. Http api available in the test instance at
  • flying-squid-modpe load modpe plugins
  • flying-squid-essentials Plugin that in a future will be like Essentials of bukkit/spigot. All the basic commands that a server should have


For development see the API documentation, and

Using as a lib

flying-squid is also a server lib. Here is a basic example of usage:

const mcServer = require('flying-squid')

  'motd': 'A Minecraft Server \nRunning flying-squid',
  'port': 25565,
  'max-players': 10,
  'online-mode': true,
  'logging': true,
  'gameMode': 1,
  'difficulty': 1,
  'generation': {
    'name': 'diamond_square',
      'worldHeight': 80
  'kickTimeout': 10000,
  'plugins': {

  'modpe': false,
  'view-distance': 10,
  'player-list-text': {
    'header':'Flying squid',
    'footer':'Test server'
  'everybody-op': true,
  'max-entities': 100,
  'version': '1.12.2'

You can add server plugins and player plugins in your package, following

For further examples, see the examples page.


  • @mhsjlw creator of flying-squid
  • @roblabla for helping out with the protocols
  • @rom1504 for massive contributions to the code
  • @demipixel
  • The PrismarineJS team for creating prismarine-chunk and node-minecraft-protocol
  • for documenting minecraft protocols
  • All of our other awesome contributors!
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