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  • add functionalities to use scoreboard (thanks @jakibaki)
  • update to minecraft-data 0.16.3
  • 50 -> 20 tps for physics
  • Remove requireindex, for browserify support
  • add bot.setCommandBlock


  • fix entity_status


  • use prismarine-recipe and prismarine-windows
  • use require-self to be able to do require('mineflayer') in the examples
  • fix viewDistance sending


  • add checkTimeoutInterval to createBot


  • fix achievements parsing in toString()
  • update to nmp 0.16
  • use prismarine-item
  • add example to run multiple bots
  • uuid is now a dashed string
  • remove digging interruption : this doesn't happen in 1.8 servers (and caused problem in some spigot servers)


  • improve placeBlock : now use lookAt before placing and has a callback
  • fix soulsand speed
  • use new multi-version version of (node-)minecraft-data


  • swing arm on placing a block, look at center of block when activating a block (thanks gipsy-king)
  • refactor examples (thanks Pietro210)
  • add clickWindow support to ContainerWindow (thanks Gnomesley)
  • fix skylight in the nether
  • update node-mojangson to display unparsed text in case of error


  • Prevent crash when an unknown entity is spawned
  • add createBot to


  • update minecraft-protocol to 0.14.0 : several fixes (error are now catchable, packets are in-order, packets fixes, etc.)
  • add ContainerWindow to support non-Vanilla plugins and add /invsee example (thanks Pietro210)
  • add a callback to bot.look and bot.lookAt
  • when receiving a remove effect packet : if the corresponding effect doesn't exist yet, emit an event with just the id of the effect (thanks Pietro210)
  • swing arm immediately when digging (thanks gipsy-king)
  • now updates bot.entity.heldItem when bot.heldItem is updated
  • fix cli args in examples
  • add forcedMove event
  • fix equipment api
  • new minecraft data version : better metadata handling


  • a small fix in chat.js
  • add a licence file


  • bot.transfer is faster
  • fix arm_animation
  • using mojangson parser for chat hoverevent
  • add chat patterns for unidentified chat messages
  • fix player leaving


Lot of fixes and improvements in this version in order to support mineflayer 1.8.3, including :

  • minecraft 1.8.3 support
  • update minecraft protocol to 0.13.4
  • move enums data to minecraft-data
  • add automatic testing with a vanilla minecraft server on circle ci
  • add argv arguments to examples
  • refactor inventory.js
  • use new recipe format handling metadata better
  • fix lot of things to support 1.8.3 including :
    • block format change
    • position change : y is now always at the feet of the bot


  • updated minecraft protocol to 0.11 (Minecraft 1.6.2 support).
  • small changes in the arguments of some events: chat, whisper and message. See doc/


  • updated minecraft protocol to 0.10 (Minecraft 1.5.2 support).


Huge thanks to zuazo for debugging and eliminating the problems with 1.5.1 protocol update and node 0.10 update!

  • update minecraft-protocol to 0.9.0 - includes many fixes
  • blocks: fix buffer length assertion error (thanks zuazo)
  • physics: fix assertion error (thanks zuazo)


  • inventory: window clicking waits a bit if you have just dug fixes a rejected transaction race condition.


  • inventory: equipping makes the quick bar a basic LRU cache. This can alleviate some race conditions when trying to equip a different tool immediately after digging.


  • crafting: fix shapeless recipe support
  • inventory: fix several instances which could cause transaction rejected
  • add missing recipes (thanks rom1504)
  • data structure changed.


  • digging: fix crash when not holding a tool


  • only stationary water has a negative effect on digging
  • digging: if you dig while already digging, instead of crashing, mineflayer will cancel the in progress dig and start the new one.
  • digging: in creative mode dig time is 0
  • digging interruption error has a code so you can check for it


  • expose the materials enum as mineflayer.materials


  • digging is faster and has less bugs
  • you can stop digging with bot.stopDigging().
  • bot.dig(block, [timeout], [callback]) changed to bot.dig(block, [callback]).
  • add bot.digTime(block)
  • add block.material
  • add block.harvestTools
  • add window.emptySlotCount()
  • block and item enums are cleaned up. Every block and item has an unambiguous name and displayName.


  • add missing recipe for wooden planks
  • fix various crafting and inventory bugs
  • unequip works with hand as a destination


  • add mineflayer.Location which can help you locate chunk boundaries
  • entity.metadata is formatted as an object instead of an array for easier access
  • canDigBlock returns false if block is null instead of crashing.


  • fix bot.heldItem being wrong sometimes
  • water and lava are not solid


  • bot.equip - wait at least a tick before calling callback


  • fix digging leaves not calling callback.


  • add enchantment table support. See examples/chest.js for an example.
  • rename bot.tell to bot.whisper to be consistent with 'whisper' event. (thanks Darthfett)


  • update vec3 to 0.1.3
  • add "whisper" chat event


This release is feature-complete with the old C++/Qt based version of mineflayer.

  • add bot.activateItem()
  • add bot.deactivateItem()
  • add bot.useOn(targetEntity)


  • add dispenser support
    • add mineflayer.Dispenser
    • add bot.openDispenser(dispenserBlock)


  • add furnace support
    • add mineflayer.Furnace
    • add bot.openFurnace(furnaceBlock)
  • mineflayer.Chest: "update" event renamed to "updateSlot"
  • bot.equip(itemType, destination, [callback]) changed to bot.equip(item, destination, [callback]). Use bot.inventory.items() to get a list of what items you can choose from to equip.
  • fix bot.openChest not working for ender chests
  • fix incorrectly scaled fuel percentage
  • upgrade to minecraft-protocol 0.7.0
    • mineflayer.createBot no longer takes a email argument.
    • The username and password arguments are used to authenticate with the official minecraft servers and determine the case-correct username. If you have migrated your user account to a mojang login, username looks like an email address.
    • If you leave out the password argument, username is used to connect directly to the server. In this case you will get kicked if the server is in online mode.


  • fix crash for some block updates




  • add chest support
    • add mineflayer.Chest
    • add bot.openChest(chestBlock)
  • block.meta renamed to block.metadata
  • item.meta renamed to item.metadata
  • fix crash when player causes entityGone message
  • update to minecraft-protocol 0.6.6


  • fix bot.sleep not working at all
  • add bot.isSleeping
  • add "sleep" event
  • add "wake" event
  • bot.sleep(bedPoint) changed to bot.sleep(bedBlock)
  • fix mineflayer.Recipe not exposed


  • add crafting support
    • add
    • add mineflayer.Recipe
    • bot.inventory is now an instance of InventoryWindow
    • bot.inventory.count is no longer a map of id to count. Window instances have a count(itemType, [metadata]) method.
    • bot.inventory.quickBarSlot moved to bot.quickBarSlot.
    • add 'windowOpen' (window) event
    • add 'windowClose' (window) event
    • add bot.craft(recipe, count, craftingTable, [callback])
    • add bot.recipesFor(itemType, metadata, minResultCount, craftingTable)
  • block.pos renamed to block.position.
  • 'blockUpdate' (point) event signature changed to 'blockUpdate' (oldBlock, newBlock)
  • 'blockUpdate:(x, y, z)' event signature changed to 'blockUpdate:(x, y, z)' (oldBlock, newBlock)
  • add 'diggingAborted' (block) event
  • add bot.unequip(destination, [callback])
  • add bot.toss(itemType, metadata, count, [callback])
  • bot.startDigging(block) changed to bot.dig(block, [timeout], [callback]).
  • add bot.activateBlock(block)


  • fix bot.equip when already equipping the item
  • fix some incorrect block physics
  • add enum
  • fix crash when digging at a high elevation


  • add inventory support
    • add Item class which is exposed on mineflayer
    • add bot.inventory (see docs for more details)
    • add bot.equip(itemType, destination, [callback])
    • add bot.tossStack(item, [callback])
  • add digging support
    • add bot.startDigging(block)
    • add bot.canDigBlock(block)
  • blocks: add blockUpdate:(x, y, z) event.
  • add building support
    • add bot.placeBlock(referenceBlock, faceVector)
  • add block.painting
  • add Painting class which is exposed on mineflayer
  • add experience orb support
    • entity.type can be orb now
    • entity.count is how much experience you get for collecting it


  • physics: skip frames instead of glitching out
  • default bot name to Player - createBot can take no arguments now.


  • physics: fix bug: walking too slowly on Z axis


  • ability to sprint (thanks ruan942)
  • fix color code stripping (thanks rom1504)
  • event "onNonSpokenChat" deleted
  • new event "message" which fires for all messages
  • no longer checks for "/tell" at the beginning
  • add bot.tell(username, message) method
  • fix crash when an entity effect occurs


  • chat: no longer suppress "chat" events for your own chat (thanks Darthfett).
  • ability to mount / dismount vehicles and attack
  • physics: fix tall grass and dead bushes treated as solid
  • fix "respawn" event firing twice sometimes
  • remove bot.spawn() and autoSpawn option. auto spawn is now mandatory.
  • fix sending spawn packet twice on init
  • fix bots spawning with their heads on backwards
  • fix bots jumping when they get hit
  • update player heights when they crouch
  • add support for signs: block.signText and bot.updateSign(block, text)


  • add and bot.time.age and "time" event
  • add bot.entities which is a map of the entities around you
  • add bot.look(yaw, pitch, force) and bot.lookAt(point, force)


  • add a physics engine which understands gravity
  • add jumper example, jumps whenever you chat
  • add respawn event which fires when you die or change dimensions
  • Block instances have a boundingBox property, which is currently either solid or empty.
  • fix game event to fire correctly
  • moved to bot.spawnPoint.
  • moved to bot.players.
  • bot.quit has a default reason of "disconnect.quitting" (thanks Darthfett)


  • unload chunks when changing dimensions
  • blocks: handle all forms of block changing so that blockAt is always accurate.


  • expose Block, Biome, and Entity


  • add bot.blockAt(point) which returns a Block
  • add mineflayer.blocks, mineflayer.biomes, and mineflayer.items
  • add bot chunk event
  • fix spawn event and settings.showCape
  • added chatterbox example
  • changed entityDetach event to have a vehicle argument
  • changed entityEffectEnd event to have an effect argument instead of effectId
  • fix prefixes in pseudos in chat. (thanks rom1504)
  • update vec3 to 0.1.0 which uses euclidean modulus


  • add
  • add spawn support
  • add rain support
  • add support for getting kicked
  • add settings support
  • add experience support
  • add bed support
  • health status knowledge
  • add entity tracking API
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