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(ns dommy.template-perf-test
(:require [dommy.template :as template]
[crate.core :as crate])
(:require-macros [dommy.template-compile :as template-compile]))
;; Perf Test: dommy vs. crate. vs. jQuery
(defn dommy-template [datum]
[:li [:a {:href (str "#show/" (:key datum))}
[:div.class1.class2 {:id (str "item" (:key datum))}
[:span.anchor (:name datum)]]]]))
(defn dommy-compiled [datum]
[:li [:a {:href (str "#show/" (:key datum))}
[:div.class1.class2 {:id (str "item" (:key datum))}
[:span.anchor (:name datum)]]]]))
(defn crate-template [datum]
[:li [:a {:href (str "#show/" (:key datum))}]
[:div {:id (str "item" (:key datum))
:class ["class1" "class2"]}
[:span {:class "anchor"} (:name datum)]]]))
(defn jquery-template [datum]
(-> "<li>" js/jQuery
(-> "<a>" js/jQuery
(.attr "href" (str "#show/" (:key datum)))
(.addClass "anchor")
(.append (-> "<div>" js/jQuery
(.addClass "class1")
(.addClass "class2")
(.attr "id" (str "item" (:key datum)))
(.append (-> "<span>" js/jQuery (.text (:name datum))))))))))
(defn run-test [root data li-fn]
(let [now (js/Date.)]
(doseq [d data]
(.append root (li-fn d)))
(/ (- (js/Date.) now) 1000)))
(defn gen-data []
(for [i (range 1e4)]
{:key (rand-int 1e6)
:name (str "product" i)}))
(defn time-test [data]
(for [[key li-fn]
[[:jquery jquery-template]
[:crate crate-template]
[:dommy dommy-template]
[:dommy-compiled dommy-compiled]])]
(let [ul (-> "<ul>" js/jQuery (.addClass "products"))
secs (run-test ul data li-fn)]
[key secs])))
(defn ^:export dommy-profile []
(let [data (doall (gen-data))]
(dotimes [_ 3]
(let [ul (-> "<ul>" js/jQuery (.addClass "products"))]
(run-test ul data dommy-template))
(.log js/console "DONE"))))
(defn ^:export perf-test []
(let [data (doall (gen-data))]
(.log js/console
(pr-str (->> (for [i (range 3)]
(into {} (time-test data)))
(reduce (partial merge-with +))
(map (fn [[k v]] [k (/ v 3)]))
(into {}))))))
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