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graph visualization #5

juanpr2 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Is there a way to visualize the created graphs?


Nothing built-in yet. We use something like this code:

(defn graph-edges [g]
  (for [[k node] g
        parent (keys (plumbing.fnk.pfnk/input-schema node))]
     [parent k]))

to generate a list of edges, and then feed this into another component that generates a .dot file for graphviz from this edge list. If there's interest we can work on open-sourcing this component -- there's not much there.


Very interesting, would like to see that component. Thanks.


Here it is as a Gist for now, until we get the chance to clean it up and release it properly:

(Could probably be simplified considerably, this is part of a more general graphviz thing I wrote long ago).


Here is another (very minimal example):


Nice -- thanks!


Closing for now -- we'll look into doing this at some point, but if you want something nice in the near future you're probably best off rolling your own (possibly using

@w01fe w01fe closed this

So, I know this was closed awhile back, but I can't seem to get the gist'd examples above working.

@w01fe - your gist is generating the following:

strict digraph {
 rankdir = LR;
"G__6826" -> "G__6827";
"G__6827" -> "G__6828";
"G__6828" -> "G__6829";
"G__6826" -> "G__6828";
"G__6826" -> "G__6829";
"G__6830" -> "G__6827";

@jeroenvandijk - I can't seem to run yours either.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,


input-schema is now a proper Schema so it has a different representation than the old plumbing schemas which are now gone. if you change (keys (plumbing.fnk.pfnk/input-schema node)) to (keys (plumbing.fnk.schema/explicit-schema-key-map (plumbing.fnk.pfnk/input-schema node))) I think it should work (untested).

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