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Privacy Manager - Chrome extension
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Privacy Manager

Build Status


Privacy Manager is a chrome extension for data transparency and control. Privacy Manager can help users with:

  • Privacy Management
  • Cookie Management
  • Browsing data deletion on browser start
  • Network monitoring

Stable version of Privacy Manager can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store here.


npm install

Setting up development environment

  • Run one of the commands below
npm run build:webpack       # builds extension in `dist` directory
npm run build:webpack:watch # builds extension and watches for changes 
build:webpack:prod          # builds production version with minified files
  • Visit chrome://extensions in your browser
  • Ensure that the Developer mode checkbox in the top right-hand corner is checked
  • Click Load unpacked button
  • Locate and load generated dist folder in the repository root directory

Note: When rebuilding the extension changes in background scripts might not be loaded in the chrome unless actual extension is reloaded in the chrome://extensions page (i.e. By clicking on the reload button).


npm test                # Run all tests
npm run test:puppeteer  # Run only puppeteer tests
npm run test:eslint     # Run Eslint tests
npm run test:stylelint  # Run Style linters


Command below bundles the extension into file:

npm run build


Reporting bugs, suggestions and questions

Use Github issue tracker for requesting features, reporting bugs and questions. See github issues documentation.

Code contribution

Code contributions are welcome, you can always consult with me (in issues, or PRs) when you have a question. If you are developing a new feature, please consider creating also tests for them when possible.


Updating existing translation

Please use Crowdin project for suggesting or improving translation, please note that you might need a crowdin account for that reason, see crowdin translation introduction documentation.

Requesting new translation

In case you can't see the language you want to translate in Crowdin project, please use Github issue tracker for requesting new translation language in crowdin.

Thanks to the awesome contributors

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