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Welcome to the PrivateBin wiki! Depending on who you are and what you want to do, we have a few guides for you.

I want to use PrivateBin

Have a look at the list of public PrivateBin. If you also want to use it on your desktop/mobile phone you may have a look at our clients list.

I am a server administrator wanting to setup PrivateBin

Have a look at our installation and configuration guides. If you upgrade from the old 0.19 alpha version please read the upgrade guide. For CentOS, Cloudron, Docker, Kubernetes, RHEL and openSUSE users there are additional guides available for installing PrivateBin.

If you have any issues with PrivateBin please at first have a look into our FAQ.

If you have finished setting up your PrivateBin instance, you can add it to the directory. You can also adjust the design of your instance.

I want to contribute to your project

At first, awesome you take the time to make PrivateBin better! :tada: :+1:

Have a look at our contributing guide. If you have no idea what to contribute you can have a look at the issues tagged with help wanted (but, of course, you can contribute for any issue not assigned to anyone else). Also by translating PrivateBin into another language you can help very much. In this case have a look at the translation guide.

I want to use PrivateBin in my application

PrivateBin offers you an API, so feel free to integrate it into your application. If you have a working prototype please let us know, so we can add you to the clients list. Of course you can also edit the wiki by yourself.