Release Checklist

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This is an internal checklist of things not to forget before releasing a new PrivateBin version.


  1. update,, and
  2. increment version number (search and replace in all text files)
  3. rerun a full phpunit test suite
  4. manually retest key functions on a site with the latest code, especially looking for visual glitches.
  5. update SRI hashes if necessary
  6. test git archive generation, it should not contain directories tst or doc. Things that should be ignored can be configured in .gitattributes


  1. tag latest release as a signed tag, push it to github and update the release page with the latest entry
  2. sign the release archives
  3. generate and publish phpunit coverage report
  4. generate and publish php source code documentation
  5. check that configuration and upgrade wiki pages are still up to date
  6. update screenshots for all templates and replace those on the template wiki page
  7. Update frontpage of the project site based on
  8. update the stable demo site
  9. update the docker container
  10. announce the release
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