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PrivateBin website

This repository hosts the files used to generate the PrivateBin website, hosted at

The files are generated with Pelican.


Requirements: You will need Pelican and the markdown parser:

pip install pelican markdown

Type make html to generate the html files. They are saved in the output directory.

Other options are available. Type make to get more information:

   make html                           (re)generate the web site          
   make clean                          remove the generated files         
   make regenerate                     regenerate files upon modification 
   make publish                        generate using production settings 
   make serve [PORT=8000]              serve site at http://localhost:8000
   make serve-global [SERVER=]  serve (as root) to :80    
   make devserver [PORT=8000]          start/restart    
   make stopserver                     stop local server                  
   make ssh_upload                     upload the web site via SSH        
   make rsync_upload                   upload the web site via rsync+ssh  
   make dropbox_upload                 upload the web site via Dropbox    
   make ftp_upload                     upload the web site via FTP        
   make s3_upload                      upload the web site via S3         
   make cf_upload                      upload the web site via Cloud Files
   make github                         upload the web site via gh-pages