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Front-end graphical user interface for Privatix core Dapp
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Privatix Network GUI

This GUI provide user interface for Privatix Agent and Privatix Client.

This GUI based on electronjs.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


Install prerequisite software:

Installation steps

Clone the dapp-gui repository using git:

git clone
cd dapp-gui
git checkout master

If Windows is a target OS, install windows-build-tools:

npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Install dependencies:

npm install

Checking installation succeed:

npm run build
npm start


Running the tests

Tests are run using the following command:

npm test


  • Linux:

    npm run package-linux
  • MacOS:

    npm run package-mac
  • Win:

    npm run package-win


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License - see the COPYING file for details.

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