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Gem for managing your Facebook test users. Makes testing your Facebook app hurt a little less.
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A gem to ease the pain of managing Facebook test users

Testing Facebook apps is hard; part of that difficulty comes from managing your test users. Currently, Facebook's "Developer" app doesn't offer any way to do it, so you wind up with a bunch of curl commands and pain.

This gem tries to take away the pain of managing your test users. It's easy to get started.

$ gem install facebook_test_users

$ fbtu apps add --name myapp --app-id 123456 --app-secret abcdef

$ fbtu users list --app myapp

$ fbtu users add --app myapp

$ fbtu users rm --app myapp --user 1000000093284356

You can also use it in your own Ruby applications; require "facebook_test_users" and off you go.

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