JavaScript wrapper for swfobject that detects different flashblock extensions in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari
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This is a wrapper for swfobject that detects FlashBlock in browser.

Script requires SWFObject (

Also this wrapper can remove blocked swf and let you downgrade to other options.

Feel free to contact me via email.

Thanks to flashblockdetector project (

© 2011, Alexey Androsov

Dual licensed under the MIT ( or GPL Version 3 ( licenses.

FlashBlockNotifier detects:

Tested on:

  • Chrome 12
    • FlashBlock by Lex1
    • FlashBlock by josorek 0.9.31
    • FlashFree 1.1.3
  • Firefox 5.0.1 + Flashblock
  • Opera 11.5
  • Safari 5.1 + ClickToFlash (2.3.2)

API Reference:

FlashBlockNotifier.embedSWF(swfUrlStr, replaceElemIdStr, widthStr, heightStr, swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr, flashvarsObj, parObj, attObj, callbackFn, removeBlockedSWF)

Syntax is identical to [swfobject.emdebSWF](,_replaceElemIdStr,_widthStr,_height).

Last param "removeBlockedSWF" (default is true) tells FlashBlockNotifier to remove or not to remove blocked swf object from DOM.

Event object in callbackFn has new property "__fbn" which means "swf can't load because of flashblock".