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Exchange DKIM Signer Build Status


Stefan (@Pro) has kindly added me, Jonathan (@DJBenson) to the collaborators list so that I can help to keep this repository up to date. My changes have been merged into the master branch and I have created binary releases for v3.2.2 and v3.2.3 bringing support up to Exchange Server 2016 CU15 and Exchange Server 2019 CU4.

I will do my best to add new CU's as and when Microsoft release them, but will predominently be focussing on the latest version of Exchange (currently Exchange 2019) as I have that on-premise. I can and will add Exchange 2016 CU's but they will be untested by me.

Advance Notice: Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 Deprecation

Please refer to this topic for the full announcement.

DKIM Signing Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

This agent signs outgoing emails from your Exchange Server according to the DKIM specifications. It uses the DKIM signer implementation from the awesome MimeKit project.

We recommend to set up SPF ( and DMARC ( too. Test your email setup by sending an email to (you will get an automatically generated report).


All documentation has now been migrated to the Wiki for ease of navigation and maintenance.