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Welcome to BakingPlate

BakingPlate assumes the following

Our Core Values

  • BakingPlate is NOT a CMS
    • The project doesn't install using a web interface (yet)
    • The project doesn't get additional functionality via a web interface
    • BakingPlate is a developer-oriented scaffolding system. It's for developers who want to expedite the development of their own code
  • All ideas are good ideas!
    • Although lately we've needed to review features before implementing them, we will try to give everything due consideration
  • Don't obfuscate code
    • This means we don't want to make it hard for you to figure out how BakingPlate works
    • If you want to modify or disable anything you should not be hindered in figuring out how
    • Functionality should be easily and quickly enabled/disabled
    • Avoid creating complex configuration options and personal preference-based conventions
    • Make your code versatile. Code shouldn't break under extremes, but at the very least degrade gracefully
    • Everyone codes differently
  • Support the community
    • We try to use existing plugins and conventions that are already prevalent in CakePHP
    • Try to avoid re-inventing the wheel. If a plugin isn't quite right, fork it, improve it and send a pull request.