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A component that will import/export data from a csv file into a save-friendly nested model data array format.
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CSV Plugin

Allows the importing and exporting of a standard $this->data formatted array to and from csv files. Doesn't currently support HABTM.


Importing, exporting and setup come with the same options and default values

$options = array(
    // Refer to fgetcsv for more information
    'length' => 0,
    'delimiter' => ',',
    'enclosure' => '"',
    'escape' => '\\',
    // Generates a Model.field headings row from the csv file
    'headers' => true,
    // If true, String $content is the data, not a path to the file
    'text' => false,


  • Add Behavior to the table
namespace App\Model\Table;

use Cake\ORM\Query;
use Cake\ORM\Table;

 * Posts Model
class PostsTable extends Table

     * Initialize method
     * @param array $config The configuration for the Table.
     * @return void
    public function initialize(array $config)
        //$options = ...
        $this->addBehavior('CakePHPCSV.Csv', $options);


  • Upload a csv file to the server

  • Import the csv file into your data variable:

Approach 1: Use a CSV file with the first row being Model.field headers

Post.title, Post.created, Post.modified, body, user_id,,, Category.0.description,, Category.1.description
..., ..., ...
$this->data = $this->Posts->import($content, $options);

Approach 2: Pass an array of fields (in order) to the method

$data = $this->Posts->import($content, array('Post.title', 'Post.created', 'Post.modified', 'body', 'user_id', '', 'Category.0.description', '', 'Category.1.description'));
  • Process/save/whatever with the data
$entities = $this->Posts->newEntities($data);
$Table = $this->Posts;
$Table->connection()->transactional(function () use ($Table, $entities) {
    foreach ($entities as $entity) {
        $Table->save($entity, ['atomic' => false]);


  • Populate an $this->data type array
$data = $this->Post->find()->all();
  • Export to a file in a writeable directory
$this->Posts->exportCsv($filepath, $data, $options);

Additional optional callbacks:

  • beforeImportCsv($filename, $fields, $options) returns boolean $continue
  • afterImportCsv($data)
  • beforeExportCsv($filename, $data, $options) returns boolean $continue
  • afterExportCsv()


Incorrect Line Endings (OSX)

Some people have mentioned having incorrect line endings. This can be fixed by having this in your php codebase:

ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", true);
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