Github Commands from Google Chrome Omnibox (address bar)
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Github Launch for your Google Chrome Omnibox (search box)

Go to the options screen and add your Github credentials for personalized autocompletion


  • Address Bar Searching
    Type gh and press space or tab to trigger: How To Search
    And when you see this the shortcuts below will work: How To Search
    • Shortcuts
      • Repo Shortcuts
        • Owner's Repo: gh [owner]/[repo]
        • My Repo: gh /[repo]
        • Repo-Specific Shortcuts
          • Use any repo shortcut or suggestion and add: [shortcut]
          • Currently open webpage's repo: gh ![shortcut]
      • User Shortcuts: gh @[user] [shortcut]
      • Gist Shortcuts
        • Go to a gist: gh gist [id]
        • Go to a user's gist: gh gist [user]/
      • My Shortcuts: gh my [shortcut]
    • Powered Suggestions
      • Suggest user/org repos: gh [user-org]/[repo-name]
      • Suggest user gists: gh gist [user]/[gist-id]
    • Personalized Suggestions
      • Authenticate with Github (if you haven't already): gh my auth
      • Suggest starred repos: gh *[repo-name]
      • Suggest owned repos: gh /[repo-name]
      • Suggest followed users: gh @[user-name]
      • Suggest owned gists: gh gist /[gist-id]
  • Url to gh-pages if the branch exists but the project url doesn't
  • Build Status and Dependency Status Bars
    Status Bars
    • TravisCI - Continuous Integration (Build Status)
    • DavisDM - Dependencies
    • Gemnasium - Dependencies
    • Coveralls - Code Coverage
    • Code Climate - Code Coverage