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Nicolas Breidinger CaptainNic

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) San Francisco, CA

Fabien fabslab

Twitch San Francisco/Remote

Don donny-dont

San Francisco, CA

Sarge harrisbradley
I'm new here, and I know just enough to be dangerous.
Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer ·· ❤️ Swift ·· ❤️🤥 JS ·· I make macOS apps, CLI tools, npm packages.
Scott Moss Hendrixer
Fashion obsessed gym rat who loves all things JS

@tipeio Bay Area

Brian Hann c0bra
Full stack web developer

@SeniorVu Kansas City, MO

Nate Abele nateabele
Former Projects: CakePHP, Li3, UI Router Current Projects:

@radify, @ai-labs-team Philadelphia, PA

Pete Bacon Darwin petebacondarwin
Angular Core team member since 2014. Works from home and is primary carer to his two kids.

Angular London, UK

John Resig jeresig
Principal Architect at @Khan

@Khan Brooklyn, NY

⭐caitp⭐ caitp
I work on the v8 and JavaScriptCore JS engines for a living. I enjoy doing this, this is fun. I do other things, too (like build some fun OBS Studio plugins)

Igalia Toronto, Canada

Rob Larsen roblarsen
Author of Mastering SVG, Beginning HTML and CSS and The Uncertain Web. Open source contributor/maintainer.

Palatino Consulting, LLC Boston

Edward Hotchkiss edwardhotchkiss

Freelance Software Engineer San Diego, CA

Brian Ford btford

San Francisco, CA

David Kullmann dkullmann

@citrusbyte New York, NY

Larry E. Masters phpnut
Christian - Dad - 3x Grandad - Co-Founder of @cakephp - Developer - Open Source Advocate

Cake Software Foundation, Inc.

Rob Garrison Mottie
Half stack of pancakes developer (on Benefits and Memorials 1 team)


Richard S voidet

UnderArmour San Francisco

Chris Coyier chriscoyier

CodePen Bend, Oregon

Mark MacKay methodofaction
䷀ Creative heaven, receptive earth ䷁

Method of Action Puebla, Mexico

Paul Irish paulirish

Google Chrome, ♥z Palo Alto

Andy Dawson AD7six
Happily slacking at @seatgeek

SeatGeek Spain

Mark Story markstory

@getsentry Toronto, Ontario

alan blount zeroasterisk
🤙Geek/Nerd/Odd, Artist+Communicator, Muppet+Robot+Dad. ❤️Elixir, Node/React, ML/TF, Python, Flutter, Devops/Docker/Linux 🏫Go, C++ 👴PHP, HTM

@google Boulder, CO

Mariano Iglesias mariano

CRICAVA Technologies Miramar, Argentina

Felix Geisendörfer felixge

FAANG Company Berlin, Germany

Remy Sharp remy
JavaScript (node + client side) developer with over 20 years experience. Contact me for any work or questions about JS I might be able to help you with.

Left Logic / @leftlogic Brighton, UK

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