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Project started at the Forum Helveticum Hackathon, 23./24.11.2018

Have a look at the presentation!


Get a translation tooltip at your mouse pointer everywhere in the net.


The tooltip accesses the database of, which offers translation between Rumantsch and the four languages German, French, Italian and English. Moreover, also offers translation from one "idiom" to another. Currently, the tooltip offers translation from Rumantsch (all "idioms") to German and from German to Rumantsch Grischun. A next iteration could also include translating from one "idiom" to another.


The tooltip is implemented as Firefox plugin/extension.

The plugin, if activated, adds a footer to any website to define the direction of translation. Next, the plugin tracks mouseover for words and directs a query to the database of, which returns exact matches based on the language selection made in the footer. Currently, the exact match is returned as a simple tooltip with a word.

Documentation / data

This repository includes...

  • the data source as sql exports from the original database at
  • the Chrome plugin
  • the query helpers (php) hosted at, which allow access to the database
  • as an alternative to the SQL backend, a dockerized environment based on Elasticsearch (see README file in the backend subfolder) is provided. It makes use of Hunspell dictionaries so as to translate the stems of the words to be translated.


  • Finalize the design of the tooltip as sketched in Fig. 1
  • Update the database behind to include all languages in one table
  • Get from a prototype to a beta version which can be installed without programmer knowledge
  • Implement for other browsers
  • Add possibility to access the database behind to extend the word source for Rumantsch Grischun


The people behind this project/prototype are:

A project initiated and supported by Pro Svizra Rumantscha