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Assignment 0
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Assignment 0

Due: 11:59pm Friday, Jan 24

This is the repository for assignment 0. It contains the following files:

  • .gitignore - tells git to ignore certain kinds of files. This prevents you from submitting the auxiliary files created when producing LaTeX documents.
  • A0.jmd - the source code used to generate the assignment document, including examples of starter Julia code you may use for your own solutions. Feel free to fill in your answers directly into this file to produce your pdf writeup. Also feel free to try a more traditional workflow by writing your final writeup in a LaTeX .tex document, and completing your code in a standard Julia .jl file, or translate the starter code into a python .py.
  • A0.pdf - the text of the assignment.
  • Project.toml - the Julia environment, specifying packages and versions you can use to complete the programming questions. You can activate this environment by opening this project folder, and inside the Julia REPL typing: ] activate .
  • - the text you are currently reading.
  • make_pdf.jl - a short Julia script that contains the code used to produce A0.pdf from A0.jmd.

Submission Instructions

We will be collecting assignments through Github Classroom.

You will receive a link inviting you to complete the assignment. Once you receive the link you must associate your Github Username to your UTORID by selecting your UTORID from the list otherwise your assignment will not be graded.

Once you select your UTORID and accept the assignment, we will automatically create a private repository for your solutions.

Only the files that you successfully git push to this repo will be assessed.

Note: If you've already cloned the repo and started the assignment make sure you put your solutions in the repo we've automatically created for you, and that you push your changes to this repo before the due date.

Collaboration and Github Private Repository

Keep your solutions to this assignment, including your GitHub repo, private and in accordance with our collaboration and academic integrity policy.

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