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Tile based Role Playing Game

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Javascript Tile Based RPG

The goal of this project is to create an Infinite Randomish Universe within which the player explores, quests, fights, loots, equips, levels and more.

Demo Available at: YouTube video #1: March 2nd 2012 YouTube video #2: April 11th 2012

Server Side Javascript

The server uses Node.js to process requests. Currently the application is setup for Windows using IISNode. It has not been tested in any other environment.

All Client/Server interactions are processed through index.njs which is just a stub file that redirects flow into /server/rpgApp.njs

All Server-side-only javascript files use the extension .njs

Windows IIS Notes:

  • Set the Default Document to index.njs
  • Set the iisnode Handler Mapping to index.njs
  • Ensure the CustomErrorModule is removed from the websites modules. Otherwise when the Node.js responds with an 4xx,5xx header IISNode forwards that through IIS which then applies a custom error notification which overwrites the Node.js response body

Client Side / Common Javascript

All Client/Common javascript files use normal .js extension.

Project Development

Current development is being done using Netbeans

3rd Party Javascript


Bitcoin: 1MV5U1LcEMVoUgB75P1K3sELtcAp1MXu56

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