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A convenient wrapper for what persists you
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A convenient wrapper for what persists you


Courier is as thin a wrapper as possible around (by default in the browser) localStorage and sessionStorage. It can be extended to use whatever flavor of persistence you'd prefer by simply swapping out Courier.Storage and/or Courier.EphemeralStorage for an object that honors the same API as the localStorage object.


The real reason for Courier's existence, transformers are a convenience layer provided to manipulate data before storage and after retrieval, and are simply functions that take a single argument data, act on it and return the altered data.

This is necessary because localStorage#setItem calls any non-string argument's toString() method before persisting. If you're saving an object full of data, special care must be taken so that you don't get back a string that looks like '[object Object]' instead of your data.

A transformer for this use case (and in fact, Courier's built-in object transformer), might look like this:

function (data) {
    if (typeof data === 'string') {
        return JSON.parse(data);
    } else if (typeof data === 'object') {
        return JSON.stringify(data);

    return data;

If a transformer receives data that it doesn't know how to process, it should return that data unmodified. One or more transformers can be provided to process the data in sequence.



Clears all keys from storage.


ephemeral : boolean - whether to operate on Courier.EphemeralStorage (truthy) or Courier.Storage (falsy)

Courier#get(key[, options])

Retrieves string stored at key from storage


options : object -

  • ephemeral : boolean - default false, whether to operate on Courier.EphemeralStorage
  • transformers : Array - default [], transformers to apply to data after retrieval
  • bubbleErrors : boolean - default false, whether to re-throw errors that occur during data transform. When false, any errors raised in transformers are caught and silently swallowed, with the data returning unmodified.

The get method tries to intelligently accept frequently-used arguments in place of an object literal, and will recognize a boolean options argument as the ephemeral option, or a function or array argument as the transformers option, using the given defaults for the other options. For example:

Courier.get('foo', function (data) { return JSON.parse(data); });

is functionally equivalent to

Courier.get('foo', {
  transformers: function (data) { return JSON.parse(data); },
  ephemeral: false,
  bubbleErrors: false


Returns the number of keys in the given storage object. This is a method instead of a property to allow selecting from both ephemeral and permanent storage objects, and for compatibility in browsers that do not support getters and setters on javascript objects.

Courier#remove(key[, ephemeral])

Deletes a key from the storage object. Has no effect if the key is not set.

Courier#set(key, data[, options])

Persists data as a string under key on the storage object. The options argument follows the same behavior as the get method.

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