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A docker image builder powered by ansible that builds the docker images for Probo.CI.
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Probo Image Builder

This project is used to create docker images needed to run ProboCi.


  1. Ansible
  2. VirtualBox
  3. Vagrant


  1. After installing dependencies...
  2. Run vagrant up (or vagrant provision if the vm already exists)

This will use packer to build a fresh ubuntu base box using a predefined vagrant box. The VM will run packer inside the VM to build Docker images for Ubuntu 14.04, and it will install and configure packages needed for running ProboCi.

After a successful vagrant up or vagrant provision, there should be a container waiting inside the VM that can then be exported to docker hub. To check the validity of this container jump onto the VM

  • vagrant ssh
  • sudo su
  • docker images

You should see several images. proboci/ubuntu-14.04-lamp:nightly is the image that should be ready for deployment within Probo. This image will be saved to a tar file that can be imported to other dev environments for testing Probo prior to deployment. The tar file in question will be placed in the workspace directory and will be called ubuntu-14.04-lamp-nightly.tar

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