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@velkymx velkymx released this Nov 28, 2019 · 38 commits to develop since this release

Key Updates to ProcessMaker 4 core

Fixed issue with sorting lists with categories #2426

Implement multiple categories for Process/Screens/Scripts #2428

Implements Interstitial feature #2448

New Watchers feature to call scripts when variables change

Improved modelers download size

Mock _request variables for script preview #2449

Pusher functionality added for broadcast events

Refactor timeout modal and add config for seconds before to display it #1524

Updated modeler, screen builder and form elements

For a complete list of changes reference the Pull history here:

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@velkymx velkymx released this Oct 1, 2019 · 1 commit to release/beta9 since this release

ProcessMaker 4 team is proud to announce the 9th beta of ProcessMaker 4 core.

New Features

Categories Category support overhauled for processes, scripts and screens
Date/Time Picker New date picker make text entry of dates and time easier
Laravel Telescope Debugging issues is easier with Telescope
Login Screen Customizations The login screen logo and colors can be changed
Modeler Boundary Events Modeler now supports boundary timer events
Modeler Mini-Map The mini map makes it easy to navigate your process
Record Lists UI overhauled to make it easier to use
Select Lists New select lists add multi-select functionality to dropdowns and button groups

Bug Fixes

Read Only on all screen inputs read only configuration options are included for additional controls.
Rich Text Links in Screen Builder Screen builder rich text link are now active/working link.
Screen Builder Default Values default values for forms are now set in the data object

Over 50 bugs squashed


Beta 9 File Download

Follow the instructions for installation in the documentation.

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@velkymx velkymx released this Aug 16, 2019

This release is a point release of Beta 8.

Major Changes

Process Modeler has been updated to the newest version
Screen Builder has been updated to the newest version

Full List of Changes

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@velkymx velkymx released this Aug 2, 2019 · 792 commits to develop since this release

ProcessMaker 4 team is proud to announce the 8th beta of ProcessMaker 4.

New Features

Customize UI - change the color pallet for your installation
Rich Text - add intermingled rich text with your mustache variables
Dynamic Sidebar - the sidebar has been enhanced to support dynamic and rich content
SDKs - Access the ProcessMaker API via built in SDKs in the script dockers
Magic Variables - access _request or _user data in your tasks

Bug Fixes

We've added over 50 bug fixes going into release month.

For full list check out our PRs!

Known Issues

Form validation intermittently fails

Timer Boundary Events cannot be reconfigured and must be removed and readded

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@velkymx velkymx released this Jul 1, 2019 · 1327 commits to develop since this release

ProcessMaker team is proud to announce the 7th beta of ProcessMaker 4.

Change log

Renamed project from ProcessMaker Spark to ProcessMaker

Enhancements to the PMQL to allow more robust searching

Import / Export now uses an open JSON format

UI adjustments for better theme compatibility

Enhancements to Screen Builder for stability

Modeler updated to include new tooltips and import compatibility of third party BPMN 2.0 files

Package Updates

Saved Searches adds counts and reporting

Intermediate Web Entry allows for chromeless forms from a request

SAML / Email Connectors branding updates

Please use the file marked processmaker4-beta7.tar.gz for your releases.

Additionally you can deploy directly from the branch release/beta7

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@velkymx velkymx released this Jun 16, 2019 · 1440 commits to develop since this release

New Features

Onsite Database Storage - ProcessMaker 4 now support a remote database connection to allow for storage of data on different server

German language support


Modeler updated to the latest stable build 0.15.5

Screen Builder updated to the latest stable build 0.16.3

Package Updates

SAML updated to beta6

Save Searches + Custom inboxes package added

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@velkymx velkymx released this Jun 3, 2019 · 1665 commits to develop since this release

This release focuses mainly on stability and package enhancements.

New Features

Manual Tasks

A Manual Task defines a task that is external to the BPM engine. Drag a manual task onto the designer will allow for quick configure of a display screen and will automatically include a button to let the system know to proceed with the request.

Resolved Issues

Modeler upgraded to version 0.15.3 - improving importing of 3rd party BPMN files

Screen Builder upgraded to version 0.16.1 - fix issues with rendering

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@velkymx velkymx released this May 17, 2019 · 1829 commits to develop since this release

New Features
ProcessMaker Query Language to search inside of your requests

Request and Tasks lists have been updated to support PMQL

Refreshed Modeler with support for:

Event-Based Gateways
Intermediate Catch Events
Call Activity to Subprocesses
Inclusive Gateways
Refreshed Screen Builder including

Better support for array data
Rich Text support
Custom CSS
Better Visibility Rules
New Date / Time Picker
Refreshed Script Builder

More granular assignment rules

New features so you don't lose your work. Including:

Browse away warning for processes, screens and scripts

Session timeout warning so you don't get logged out without a warning

Swagger adds authentication for testing

Alerts are updated to be stackable and timeout

Screens can be imported and exported individually

Import allows for user assignment during import

Over 50 additional minor enhancements and fixes

Support has also been added for the following packages:

Spanish translations
French translations
Custom Data Collections
Web Entry
Emailing using process variables
Java, C# and JavaScript support
Known Issues
There are some minor UI artifacts in some of the new tools

Multi-column support in screen builder doesn't work with all new controls

Modeler can produce some non-standard lines in some cases

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@velkymx velkymx released this Mar 1, 2019 · 2988 commits to develop since this release

ProcessMaker is please to announce the 4th internal Beta of ProcessMaker 4.


In order to install it please follow the wiki guide:
ProcessMaker 4 Installation Documentation

Please use the attached zip ( to perform the installation

New Features

The following release includes:

  • Notification Controls in Task inspector - there are check boxes to enable notifications to send to the requester, assignee or participants when a task is assigned or completed

  • Notification Controls in Process configuration - there are check boxes to enable notifications to send to the requester, assignee or participants when a Request is started, canceled or completed

  • Import and Export of Processes - with all assets and then import into a different PM4 install

  • Screens and Scripts can now be duplicated

  • Process configuration has a new selection for Pause/Unpause of Timer Start Events

  • New Requesters, Process Designers, Administrators groups add to the installer

  • New start events from webhooks - start a process by posting date to this new start event type.

  • New permissions added for who can edit data in the process configuration screen.

  • New added ability to authenticate to PM4 in 3-legged Oauth

  • Timer Start Event - create processes that run automatically, on a schedule, date or recurring.

  • Intermediate Timer Events - add delays to your processes

  • Assign tasks by evaluation - use FEEL expressions to dynamically assign tasks to users and groups.

  • Previous Task Assignee Rule - new rule to assign a task to a previous user

  • Parallel Gateway - parallel gateway is used to represent two concurrent tasks in a business flow

  • BPMN validation added to the process modeler

Screen Builder

  • Add images to your screens with the new image control

  • Hide fields with new visibility rules using FEEL expressions

  • Control the look of screens with custom CSS

  • Quickly add colors with the new color variant picker


The following improvements have been set in place:

  • UI layout of Admin and User Profile settings - added an accordion icon to headers

  • UI for Group user member configuration in Admin settings - multi-select search

  • Modals UI clean up - alignment fix, updated “cancel” action consistent system-wide, clears form data when selected, an alert is shown after modal completion

  • Notification drop down has new CSS and ‘Dismiss All’ option

  • Multi-column configuration - in Inspector with an option of column number of 1-12 and column width

  • Renamed ‘Property Label’ in Computed Properties to ‘Description Name’

  • Request log timestamp shows time in seconds when hover over

  • Scroll bar added to Request Modal

  • Admin user now updated to Super Admin - option added to settings under Permissions tab

  • Breadcrumbs with sticky element while scrolling page

  • When User or Group does not have Permission to Edit Data, no tabs will show in Task Request

  • Additional date formats for user configuration - 4 date formats were added in datetime_formats.json file. The formats corresponds to dd/mm/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd with and without time

  • Set ‘requester’ as default assignee in Task Assignment

Bugs Fixes Since Beta 3

The following bugs have been fixed for this release:

  • ‘Create Category’ when starting a process is required when no Categories exist.

  • Request log data and timestamp are updating properly and with the correct information

  • Horizon throwing 404 - fix of when Queue Management, when clicking on any failed job to get the wrong link

  • Screen Validation - Even when validation errors are present, I can still save a screen

  • New Request modal having requests fall off modal - fixed with scrollbar in modal

  • Server Error when adding tasks assignment without selecting user or group

  • User unable to edit own profile unless given Edit User Permission by Admin

  • Cannot edit a Date Picker when it is inside a multi-column control

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@Cievoloth Cievoloth released this Jan 28, 2019 · 3508 commits to develop since this release

ProcessMaker is please to announce the third internal beta of ProcessMaker 4.


In order to install it please follow the wiki guide:

Please use the attached artifact (pm4-beta3.tar.gz) to perform the installation

The link for the milestone can be found here


The following release includes:

  • Breadcrumbs throughout system located as extensión in navbar, clear highlighting of trail, and go backwards
  • 500, 404, 422 errors, allows to easily redirect back to previous view
  • Client Authentication (Auth Client)
  • Permissions have been overhauled all the way through
  • User and Group Management


The following improvements have been set in place

  • Smart redirect has been established. The concept of dashboards no longer exists if a user has not been given access
  • Archiving taken over concept of Inactive and Active status. When enabled it Immediately gets taken off Process list. Because there is no concept of active or inactive there are no longer any issues with requests involved in archived Process
  • More straightforward Installation

Bugs Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed for this release

  • Modal bug fixes
  • Injecting JavaScript in field, resolved by a middleware, security optimized
  • Email functionality now a package, now cannot select Email screen type without package permission
  • Pagination on tables


Modeler has not been updated within this beta 3 release

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