Client plugin to help with recording on L4D2
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L4D2 Recording Helpers

This client plugin is simply a set of useful modifications and functions to help making recording from demos easier and more feature filled.


  • Re-enables many hidden CVars on L4D by removing DEVELOPMENTONLY flags from them.
  • Re-enables a native thirdperson(shoulder) mode in gamemodes with player-controlled zombies.


Place the files in your l4d2 addons folder and launch the game with -insecure in order to load it.

It may be useful to make a shortcut to l4d2 that launches with -insecure, so you don't have to edit your launch parameters all the time. e.g. make a shortcut to "C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 550 -insecure



  • Fixed patches not working and after 2125 update


  • Fixed thirdperson patches not working after recent L4D2 Updates (Stop fucking with your interfaces)


  • Fixed thirdperson patches not working after recent L4D2 Updates
  • Initial release of L4D1 build (DEVONLY flag removal only)


  • Fixed a crash that would occur upon entering thirdperson mode


  • Added some patches to enable thirdpersonshoulder usage in gamemodes with player controlled zombies.


  • Initial release
  • Unhides DEVONLY CVars


Most of the code is GPL. All HL2SDK code is copyright Valve Corporation.