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Demo ASP.NET web app for CS95N at LCC

This project demonstrates a Web API and Client. There are three Projects:

  • AsyncDemo.Mac - Uses a SQLite database
  • AsyncDemo.Win - Uses SQL Express LocalDB
  • The wwwroot folder contains a web client for the web service.

Both projects present a REST/JSON Web API for managing a database of movie data. These are the endpoints (HTTP Verb, URL)

  • GET, baseURL/api/movie - returns an array of movie objects
  • GET, baseURL/api/movie/id - returns a movie object with the give id (an integer)
  • POST, baseURL/api/movie - adds a movie to the database
  • PUT, baseURL/api/movie - updates a movie in the database
  • DELETE, baseURL/api/movie/id - removes a movie from the database

Note: This app is just one app in the class demo repository. To get the source code for this app you will need to clone or download the whole repository.

I wrote this app for use with CS295N, Web Development 1:ASP.NET, a class I teach at Lane Community College.

My blog:

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