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Javascript: The Good Parts

I'm going through Douglas Crockford's (May, 2008) book once again, and felt like it's good I document my notes (and thoughts) within code examples.

Who is it for?

  • This is for anyone who might have read the book but will prefer just perusing through some notes
  • For someone who thinks he will rather read code than read a book. But I recommend, grub your copy, read it! It's a small 172 page book, surely you can read :)
  • For me - I would wish to use it later, for quick reference and also may form a basis of a course I may want to teach anywhere. (I love teaching, but you know teachers will be judged more hushly ;) )

About the Book (Summary)

This is a book about the JavaScript programming language. It is intended for programmers who, by happenstance or curiosity, are venturing into JavaScript for the first time. It is also intended for programmers who have been working with JavaScript at a novice level and are now ready for a more sophisticated relationship with the language. JavaScript is a surprisingly powerful language.


This is not a reference book. It is not exhaustive about the language and its quirks. It doesn’t contain everything you’ll ever need to know. That stuff you can easily find online. Instead, this book just contains the things that are really important.

This is not a book for beginners. Someday I hope to write a JavaScript: The First Parts book, but this is not that book. This is not a book about Ajax or web programming. The focus is exclusively on JavaScript, which is just one of the languages the web developer must master.

This is not a book for dummies. This book is small, but it is dense. There is a lot of material packed into it. Don’t be discouraged if it takes multiple readings to get it. Your efforts will be rewarded.

###Bibliography#### My own bib., from quick googling here and there. Will keep updating when I get better resources that address the respective subject matter.

###My Notes and Comments About the Book ### It goes without saying, the book is a master-piece, when it comes to about the Javascript Language

  • I like the fact that every chapter starts off with a William Shakespear quote! :) That's why I include them as beginning statements in the various chapter files.
  • Came across one errata so far, there's no Math.ceiling function, rather it's Math.ceil (page 33). Is also reported, with other erata


Javascript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford






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