Lab VM environment for Container Hacking.
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Pequod - Container hacking lab environment.

TODO: Intro here

Moby Dick Final Chase


  1. Make sure you've installed VirtualBox and Vagrant.


TODO: How to use Pequod (tools included?)


Pequod offers three ways to build/start the vm:

  1. Default recommended
    • Simply run vagrant up in the root dir of the project to get a default instance of the VM
  2. Local box
    • Excute vagrant --box_url=file:///path/to/box/file up to use a box file on your local machine.
  3. Hosted box somewhere other than vagrantcloud
    • Execute vagrant --box_url=http(s):// up

The options must preceed up to avoid them being processed as args to up.

Connect to the VM

Run vagrant ssh and if all went well you'll get an ssh session as ahab on the VM. Time to start whale hunting.


TODO: Common troubleshooting tips


TODO: Common questions answered here. Tell people to make issues as well.