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Logo of T.F.V. Professor Francken

T.F.V. 'Professor Francken'

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This is the repository containing code for the new website of T.F.V. Porfessor Francken. We are using the Laravel v6.0 framework.

You can find some high quality introductory videos on

Getting started

If you want to get started working on our website, first clone the repository using git. Next copy the .env.example file and name the copy .env.

The following instructions assume that you've installed Docker and docker-compose. If you haven't yet, follow the links and install Docker.

Next you will want to download our php and javascript dependencies. Using you terminal run docker-compose run composer install and docker-compose run yarn in the root of the project. Once you've installed the dependencies run docker-compose run php php artisan key:generate to generate an application key. Next run docker-compose run php php artisan migrate:refresh --seed to setup a sqlite database and lastly run docker-compose up nginx to start the website.

You can now visit the website at localhost.


Run the following commands to setup and start the website.

git clone Francken && cd Francken

cp .env.example .env

docker-compose run composer install
docker-compose run npm npm install
docker-compose run npm npm run dev
docker-compose run php php artisan key:generate
docker-compose run php php artisan migrate:refresh --seed
docker-compose up nginx


Before you push your changes to this repository make sure that the tests are all green and that there are no issues with code style.

Below you will find a quick summary on how to run the tests and a code style fixer.

Generating css (or compiling assets)

We use scss which compiles to css.

To compile our assets you will first have to install some necessary javascript dependencies. You can do this using npm. Assuming you've installed npm locally you can run the command,

npm install

Alternatively if you prefer to use a docker container (that is if you have installed Docker but don't have npm installed), then you can run docker-compose run npm npm install.

Once you've installed the javascript dependencies you can compile our assets by running

npm run dev

in the root of this project (the folder in which a package.json file is present), or alternatively use docker-compose run npm npm run dev. The compiled files will be placed in the /public/dist folder. This folder is added to our .gitignore so you won't see the folder until you run the above command.

Check the documentation of Laravel Mix to learn more about how our assets (css & js) are compiled.

Windows configuration

I haven't yet tested whether this works on Windows.. If you're using Docker (which you should :-)) then the docker commands should work.


We use phpunit for most of our tests. To execute the tests using Docker run,

docker-compose run php vendor/bin/phpunit

Code style

We're using the PSR-2 code style guidelines as well as PSR-4 for autoloading classes. See the PHP-fig for more info on the standards. You can use fabpot/php-cs-fixer to verify that your code conforms to the PSR-2 code style guidelines. By running the following command in the root directory all code style issues be found.

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix . --level=psr2 --dry-run --fixers=-psr0

By removing the --dry-run option any issues found by the program will be fixed automatically. Add the --diff option to show the diff for each file. N.B. once we've gone open source we will use a continuous integration service that automatically checks whether your PR conforms to the code style guidelines.

Note we omit the psr0 fixer. This fixer looks at the namespace declarations however it is not compatible with PSR-4, which is an improvement over PSR-0.

Git Usage

The master branch is a protected branch, meaning you won't be able to force push changes to the master branch and status checks (i.e. tests should be green) are required before merging to master. Before sending a pull request with your latest changes you should make sure that your branch is up to date by rebasing your branch onto master. This makes it easier to review your pull request since there won't be many merge commits and it gives us a nice linear history.